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Castle School’s EYFS Playground Equipment

An Energetic Physical Play Environment For EYFS 


The Castle Primary School, located in Devon, wanted to extend the physical play opportunities in their early years playground. Consequently, improving their children’s physical skills and targeting the physical development side of the curriculum outdoors.

Our playground consultant, Nicole Fairman, worked closely with the teachers and senior leadership team to create an exciting, realistic playground design, that includes a selection of playground equipment. Nicole ensured that the equipment would meet the needs of the school and was within their budget for the project.

As a result of this exciting development, the school’s youngest children now have a selection of vibrant thermoplastic playground markings and a huge climbing frame to challenge and improve their physical ability!

School Playground Equipment

The Energising Climbing Frame


As the school wanted to concentrate on developing the children’s key physical skills outdoors, we installed a huge climbing frame that would energise the little monkey’s and inspire imaginative play, too!

Our Harter Fell Climber is a magnificent, open-ended structure that enables children to enter and exit the frame wherever they like as they begin to develop their climbing confidence and important gross motor skills. They can swing from the ropes, balance on the beams and take a leap of faith off the highest point, all within a safe environment.

EYFS Climbing Frames For Schools

As the children play, they are advancing their upper and lower body strength, gross and fine motor skills, coordination and balance: meeting the school’s requirements of their exciting outdoor project.

Underneath the climbing frame, we installed our bright green Artificial Grass to ensure that any serious injuries are prevented as the children climb, swing and traverse across the frame. Additionally, the new surfacing provides the children with a comfortable space to build dens and share stories as they rest away from active play underneath the triangle shaped frame.

Playground Equipment For EYFS

Vibrant, Active Playground Markings


To further develop the children’s key physical skills, we installed Thermoplastic Playground Marking roadway to provide the young children with a dedicated space to race their bikes and trikes around the playground, along with numbered parking bays to ensure the children can park their vehicles once they are finished playing.

The realistic roadway, including arrows and zebra crossings, not only improves the children’s cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength, it can also help develop their understanding of the world around them. Children can be taught important road safety skills in the playground to follow during play, which can then be taken outside of school onto real roads.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Through the installation of the new physical play equipment, the children’s physical skills are truly being developed during outdoor play!

If you would like to develop and improve your children’s physical skills with an exciting Climbing Frame or Thermoplastic Markings, please feel free to Contact Us. We’d love to help improve your school playground, too!

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