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Myland Community School’s Playground Equipment

Targeting the KS1 Curriculum with Stimulating, Active Playground Equipment


The chair of Myland Community Primary School’s PTA, Gemma Curry, worked alongside our expert playground consultant, Luke Banner, to kick start their KS1 Playground Project.

Previous to our development, the KS1 playground had old, tired and unchallenging equipment for the children to use. Gemma wanted to revitalise the school’s playground to provide a stimulating, active and exciting area for the children.

Themed Playground Equipment For Schools

Luke worked alongside the school to design an energising space that would target areas of the curriculum as well as providing more physical play opportunities, challenge and enhance imaginative play outdoors.

Through the installation of an amazing bespoke Trim Trail, Play Ship and all-weather Artificial Grass Playground Surfacing, the children now have a bright, colourful, challenging and inviting space to enjoy during playtimes and lunchtimes - no matter what the weather may bring.

School Playground Equipment

Trim Trail


To extend the physical play opportunities and enhance the children’s physical skills, we installed an energising Trim Trail made up of a challenging Net Traverse, Wobbly Bridge, Climbing Poles and Mushroom Seats.

This combination of equipment is perfect for physical development! The wibbly wobbly bridge really challenges the children’s balance, coordination and core stability as they hold on tight, traversing across the moving logs.

Children can improve their balance, climbing confidence, coordination, upper and lower body strength and fine and gross motor skills as they cling onto the rope ladder, which spans across two posts creating the Net Traverse.

School Trim Trail Equipment

The Mushroom seats serve two purposes, creating a storytelling area as well as a stepping stone challenge. The children love stepping from one to another as they pretend they’re crossing a lake on lillypads, carefully moving across to ensure they don’t fall in the mucky, green water.

As they share a story with one another, the children love acting out the ‘three billy goats gruff’ as they sneak across the Wobbly Bridge, careful not to wake the troll up.

The new Trim Trail Equipment has really enhanced imaginative and active play in the playground!

School Playground Equipment

Play Ship


To truly enhance imaginative play and transform the playground into an ocean full of imaginative play opportunities, we installed our exciting Play Ship to enable the KS1 Pirates to sail the seven seas, hunting for hidden treasure.

This creative interactive learning resource has provided the children with more than just a boat to play on. The open-ended resource can be transformed into a ship, a spooky island, a cosy den using the unique den making posts disguised as the ships mast.

Playground Play Ships for schools

With a large amount of space at the rear of the ship, storytelling and lessons come to life where fairy tales and pirate stories are shared history, geography and literacy lessons take place through activities such as map reading and creative writing.

The pirates have had great fun hunting for treasure as they steer the ship away from large waves and rocks in the ocean before staring out the portholes at the dolphins jumping through the deep blue sea.

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