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St Michael's Play Tower Transformation

A Playground Fit For Princesses and Princes!

Looking to create an engaging and play-friendly space for their pupils, St Michael's CE Primary School wanted to take their small flagged area and ensure that this space offered plenty of play opportunities for their pupils.

A shared area between EYFS and KS1, it was important for St Michaels’ to cater to various abilities and design a fun play space where pupils would be able to develop their active play skills.

They worked closely with our team to create an amazing play zone where pupils’ will be able to run, jump and skip in an environment where they couldn’t before.

A Safety Surfacing Space

One of the main concerns for the staff at St Michaels’ was the lack of tumble-friendly zones where pupils could make climbing mistakes and hop right back up again.

Previously a paved area, the team wanted to create a zone where pupils not only could play safely but also wanted to play- it needed to look engaging!

children scoot around on the beige wetpour on their scooters

They worked closely with our team to design a unique playground surfacing design that included a Wetpour Roadway for children to navigate their way around using their bikes and scooters.

This miniature roadway even features realistic speed bumps where pupils can role play as their parents on the school run!

a child scoots towards the camera on the beige wetpour surfacing

This area also features some fantastic Black Saferturf splashes to create small zones of play for the pupils to interact with.

Giving zoned areas for play can be hugely beneficial to a pupils’ decisions for play and their ability to focus on the play at hand.

a child rides around on the beige wetpour roadway on a green scooter, wearing a helmet

Speaking of Zoning

Speaking of creating specific zones for children, that is exactly what the inclusion of Bow Top Timber Fencing does for St Michaels.

Dividing the space between the EYFS and KS1 pupils and the main playground area gives the younger children a quieter and safer space to develop their gross motor skills.

a birdseye view of the beige wetpour roadway

Having a space for children to develop these skills can be crucial for physical development in later life and by providing an area where they can learn at their own pace is hugely beneficial.

A Bespoke Tower for Playground Royalty

Falling in love with our Restormel Play Tower but wanting something a little bit more unique for their pupils, this school worked closely with our team to create an active development facility that suited their pupils’ needs exactly.

Complete with a Climbing Net and Climbing Wall, the children will be spoilt for choice as to where they will build their climbing confidence next!

children climb on the restormel play tower that has been lowered to suit the childrens' heights

The bright colours of the climbing wall are always popular with children, supporting them as they navigate rocks and give instructions to their fellow pupils.

The school also loved the addition of our wonderful bubble windows, definitely a pupil favourite, so they can wave to their friends below as they climb.

St Michaels’ wished for the height of the Restormel to be reduced, making it more friendly and size appropriate for both EYFS and KS1 pupils- of course, we were happy to accommodate their needs!

children start running around on the top of the timber play tower

Now St Michael’s has an amazing space for learning and adventures and we can’t wait to see how this benefits their pupils!

A fantastic zone for developing imagination and creativity, the pupils of this school will thrive with their new play zone!

children climb on the timber restormel play tower with surfacing below

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