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West Midlands

Playground Equipment In The West Midlands

Across the West Midlands region, we’ve helped improve the educational play experience for around 135,000 children through the installation of our innovative playground equipment.

Working in collaboration with primary schools and nurseries, we’ve designed and installed many unique outdoor learning environments that not only provide children with a place to play, but also promote learning through play, too!

From huge, bespoke treehouse developments to full nursery garden overhauls, we’ve used our expertise to create a dream outdoor space where children can thrive, that is unique to each setting.

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About West Midlands

Throughout the West Midlands, we have changed the outdoor play experience for around 135,000 children for the better, by designing unique, fun outdoor learning and play environments: promoting the curriculum and active play.

While working to design an outdoor environment that enhances children’s educational play experience, we have collaborated with each school and nurseries teachers, parents and children to see their vison of what their dream outdoor area would look like, before transforming their dream into a practical, fun, exciting outdoor space.

Each and every one of our playground consultants are proud of the designs they create and the final masterpieces installed, and love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces once complete. Even more so, they love receiving brilliant feedback from the teachers and children at the setting.

Read the amazing feedback we received from Mark Mitchell after we installed a huge, bespoke Treehouse for his Reception class at The Royal School based in Wolverhampton:

“Pentagon has completed the installation of an amazing treehouse at my school... It is superb!

The service we have received has been nothing short of exceptional from every member of the team. 

The installation was completed on time and the children are loving it!

Highly recommended!”

You can explore all of the wonderful playground projects we’ve completed throughout the West Midlands by reading our detailed playground West Midlands Case Studies Here.

Not only do they highlight the fantastic schemes we’ve installed, but they also provide you with a practical example of the playground dreams we’ve transformed into a realityMoreover, you can see our market-leading playground equipment in use by the children, along with their happy smiley faces!