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5 Benefits Of A Multi Use Games Area

5 Benefits Of A Multi Use Games Area

In recent times, you've probably seen the term MUGA being thrown around, with people saying that MUGAs and MUGA surfacing are the best way for kids to experience a wide range of sports.

From recreational football to competitive hockey, standard MUGA courts allow children to experience all forms of sports without being restricted by weather or equipment.

In this article, we'll explore what MUGAs are and what benefits they can provide your school.

What does MUGA stand for?

MUGA is an acronym that stands for Multi Use Games Area. Multi Use Games Areas are becoming increasingly more popular across the UK as schools realise the amazing benefits these versatile resources can bring to their school and their children.

In the past 15 years, we've noticed a huge increase with the amount of schools who are looking to get a MUGA pitch or court installed on their school premises. The main reason is due to the versatility offered by these fantastic games areas.

However, many schools are not aware of the many benefits the installation of a MUGA pitch into their outdoor learning environment can bring. A multi use games area can provide a school with a lot of vital benefits and it's important for all schools to know this.

A close up shot of a child kicking a football towards a goal on an artificial grass MUGA Pitch. The photo is taken from the back of the child.

But, before we talk about the benefits of a multi use games area, it's important to know what a multi use games area actually is.

What is a Multi Use Games Area?

A Multi Use Games Area is an outdoor area that is usually contained within fencing and has built in game equipment. MUGAs are designed to create a dedicated area for sporting activities including, but not limited to, Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Football.

MUGAs can come in many shapes, sizes and forms and can be installed including many different features, such as:

A small Multi Use Games Area which is green with two box markings, showing the goal keepers area. The children are playing football against each other. The MUGA has a green fence going around it.

The ability to customise your MUGA allows your school to focus on certain sports. The most common Multi Use Games Area that you will see is a MUGA pitch or a MUGA court. Both of these Multi Use Games Areas allow multiple sports to be played.

With the Surface types that Pentagon offer, Multi Use Games Areas are weather resistant, meaning no matter the weather conditions, your Multi Use Games Area won't be damaged by it.

The Benefits of Multi Use Games Areas

Having a Multi Use Games Area at your school can provide a wide variety of different benefits. From our research and experience, we have compiled the 5 main benefits you can expect to get from your MUGA.

MUGAs Are All-Weather

Our Multi Use Games Areas are all weather pitches. They can be used in all year round because the surfacing is artificial and free draining, meaning they won’t flood like normal grass, become hazardous and muddy or ruined with constant footfall.

If your MUGA surfacing is solid, it won’t become hard and cracked during warm weather and won’t flood and become the care takers biggest, muddiest nightmare during poor weather. If your MUGA surfacing is soft, like artificial grass surfacing, the surface will be able to drain and remain in great condition throughout the summer months.

A picture of children running on a MUGA. The kids are wearing school uniform as they run on artificial grass. The MUGA is surrounded with a green fence.

With a considerable amount of sport baseworks installed before the surfacing is laid over the top, it enables that water to penetrate the surface. Rain water will never pool or cause the ground to become too saturated, resulting in flooding.  

  • Firstly, we excavate the existing grass and soil and remove it from your school site.
  • We then cover the earth left with a membrane that prevents anything from growing through the surface, including weeds and grass.
  • After this, we use compact stone and sand to ensure the final surface is smooth and level.
  • Installation of another membrane over the top of this further prevents anything from growing through and allows water to penetrate.
  • Finally, we install your chosen sports surface over the top.

MUGA pitch which has blue fencing going around it. Yellow line markings are showing the area for football. A large amount of kids are playing sports on the MUGA.

By going through this process, you receive a perfect, level, free draining surface which will last for many years to come.

We use nothing but the best, highest quality materials ensuring that your MUGA will be in place for many, many years.

As we are so proud of this, we have a 15 year guarantee on all of our Artificial Grass, meaning your mind can be put to ease knowing the area will be used by thousands of children and many classes.

8 Children are playing dodgeball on a MUGA pitch that we installed. The muga is green with white line marking for football on it, The kids are dressed in P.E. kits as they get some exercise through dodgeball.

Multi Use Games Areas are Maintenance Free

Our Multi Use Games Areas are maintenance free, which has been a fantastic advantage to schools across the UK and a real selling point.

Compared to natural grass, our MUGA surface types don’t require upkeep. This means that there is no need for grass cutting, yearly line painting, seeding or feeding. Therefore they save the school money and the caretaker time that would be spent maintaining this area of natural grass.

Wet pour surfaces, polymeric surfaces and synthetic grass surfaces are able to stay maintained for years without any work done to it.

This benefit is usually the main selling point of our MUGA sports pitches as schools get tired of maintaining natural grass sport areas and want a MUGA surface that requires no maintenance.

8 young girls and a teacher are playing netball on an artificial grass MUGA Pitch. The girls are dressed in P.E. Uniforms. One child is shooting the netball in to the netball hoop.

As well as this, children can carry on playing different sports without having to use their school jumpers as football posts during play time as the sports markings are there to stay.

MUGAs Can Increase Your Income

It is well known that many schools are receiving less and less money each year, making a lot of schools think of creative solutions to provide new areas to play football, basketball and other sports. With the MUGA, different sports can be played within the same area, without costing a fortune!

Now, some people may think ‘how on earth can a MUGA be an investment?’. Well, there are many people involved in sporting teams and sports clubs in your community.

These teams and clubs would be well and truly thankful to have another area to participate in their chosen sporting activities, where games could be played without cancellation due to a little bit of rain.

An artificial grass MUGA with a single line marking down the middle. An outline of red wetpour can be seen going around the outside. 12 children are playing football against each other with one teacher being the referee. The photo is from a drone

MUGA pitches can be rented out to groups and clubs in the community, and the best part is, the school caretaker doesn’t need to hang around waiting to lock up the school as those renting the MUGA don’t need to have access to the school building.

By renting out a MUGA pitch during school holidays and other times of the week/year it isn’t being used, the school gain another source of income that can be reliable - unlike government budgets. Doing this can make MUGAs incredibly cost effective and a great way to generate more income.

Schools can even put a small charge on after school clubs and introduce sporting holiday clubs like leisure centres do, which are sure to be popular, and ensure the MUGA sports pitch pays for itself.

A lot of 5 a side football teams often love playing on a MUGA pitch, which allows your school to gain a stronger income source.

A picture showing the synthetic grass surfacing of a MUGA. A group of children have separated into teams by taking off (or keeping on) jumpers. They are playing football on green synthetic grass with line markings.

The Physical Benefits of MUGAs

Installing a dedicated sports facility into your playground is an amazing way to further develop children’s key physical skills.

This area will develop your children’s physical fitness as they get used to participating in daily physical exercise as they begin to understand and lead a healthy lifestyle: battling the increasing rate of childhood obesity.

A Multi Use Games Area that has been surfaced with a green polymeric surfacing. 9 Children are playing a match of football and the picture is taken from the goal.

As well as this, children will be developing their:

  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Upper and Lower body strength
  • Overall body strength
  • Coordination
  • Social skills
  • Cooperation skills
  • And other skills

As a MUGA pitch allows for multiple sports to be played on it, teachers can easily change the sport to target certain physical aspects and help children focus on developing these areas. Whether it's primary schools or secondary schools, MUGAs can help student's develop a wide variety of physical skills.

A MUGA pitch that has a wetpour surface going around the border of the pitch. Children are playing a game of football on the pitch.

When children do physical activities on a MUGA surface, the surface often helps children stay safe. MUGAs that are surfaced with Pentagon Play's artificial grass have shock absorption technology, helping reduce the chances of any serious injury occurring.

No matter what sports surfacing is used, Pentagon Play's MUGA sports area is designed to put safety first, keeping your children active and avoiding any serious injuries.

MUGAs Provide Enhanced Sporting Provision

A MUGA sports pitch saves space on your school grounds while enhancing your sporting provision because of the many sports that can be played all in one space.

With time moving forward, schools have faced the problem of limited space due to the environment around them changing a lot. Limited space can make schools a lot more cautious with purchases as they deserve equipment that can serve multiple purposes.

Schools can use their multi use games area to introduce their children to various sports including:

  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis

A MUGA pitch that has young children practicing football on it. Wooden and metal fences go around the pitch to keep it secluded.

Additionally, a primary sport and a secondary sport can be taking place on the exact same pitch at the same time as the pitch can be split into two to allow different activities to take place.

Finally, this could be the perfect addition to a school that may have wanted to begin after school clubs, sports clubs and holiday clubs but have never had the dedicated space to do so or the reliability of the weather – a perfect way to create a long lasting sporting legacy in your school.

Reap the Benefits of a MUGA Today!

From synthetic turf surfaces to macadam surfaces, a MUGA provides numerous advantages and benefits to not only it's users, but to the schools that have them installed. Having a sports facility like a MUGA is always a great investment to make.

There are a range of different MUGA surface option and MUGA fencing options for you to choose from to customise the space to meet your needs and wishes exactly. You can make the MUGA pitch cost as little or as much as you'd like, making it budget friendly.

A drone shot showing a MUGA pitch with a group of children playing different sports. The artificial grass is green.

Our Multi Use Games Areas can be designed and installed exactly to your requirements and we even manage the entire process from design through to installation. If you’d like to arrange a free consultation, please feel free to Contact Us.