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Adding Creativity Into The Curriculum With Music

Time to shine: Finding your natural rhythm

Music and movement have a wonderful ability to submerge us into a calm, tranquil mindset or to release inner tensions. This natural superpower can create moments and lasting memories that when heard or felt again, will whisk the imagination back to the moment it was first encountered.

Although for most children, working and learning online has now become our normal, the opportunity to be creative is still at the forefront of our days.

Navigating teaching in class and online at the same time or parents juggling the balance of working from home and home schooling – well it is simply amazing and truly inspirational!

5 children playing outside on a bongo panel post, glockenspiel panel post, and a shaker panel post which has been installed onto artificial grass.

There is no doubt that nothing beats the physical and mental benefits of face-to-face connection and communication, and something many of us will fully embrace when safe to do so.

Right now, our creativity is our foundation to life in a lockdown and here at Pentagon, we want to support this more than ever. 

Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated - children naturally have this in abundance! Let them lead the way.

5 children banging on African drums, each child has their own drum which has been installed onto artificial grass.

Maestro Moments

Music is a great way to bring people together - whether playing an instrument, listening, dancing or singing. Hosting a musical festival either in class, online or both will give students the opportunity to showcase their talent and to add a little bit of creativity into the curriculum.

Creating songs to aid students with their learning creates opportunities for the curriculum to become diverse and fun.

2 children playing on African drums whilst two more children play on a shaker panel post and a glockenspiel post with one more child playing on a large Xylophone

In a time when looking after our planet is fundamental, what better way to utilise paper and plastic waste by challenging students to make their own musical instruments and once completed, hold a musical extravaganza for students to share their creations.

It’s well known that singing soothes the soul.

Allowing children the opportunity to sing aloud, move their bodies or listening to songs will create a place to retreat to and submerge themselves in the moment with minimal expectations or pressures.

Research shows that exercising before learning, boosts attainment and concentration, alternatively combining the two through creative learning outdoors will benefit those involved.

3 children playing on a shaker panel post, a glockenspiel post and a bongo panel post in front of pink and orange mushroom seats.

How can you introduce music to your playground? 

Here at Pentagon, our vibrant music equipment will create a sensory experience for students and staff, why not set up a school band in your outdoor areas. Our Tuned Playground Chimes, Xylophones and Drum Seats will provide the foundations for a tuneful and creative curriculum.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than getting up onto your feet and expressing your emotions through movement or music.

One child wearing a red coat and dark blue jeans and blue wellies sat on a drum seat smiling.

For some students, this is their lifeline, the area of academic that ignites their souls and eases their worries.

For others, it is a place to listen, watch or reflect. Wherever students feel at their most comfortable, there choice needs to be respected.

For those that like to express themselves through performing arts, we can provide students with the perfect platform to showcase their talents on our dedicated Performance Stages with the option to add benches for wowing an audience.

Alternatively, for whole class appreciation and celebrations, our Amphitheatre is sure to be an instant crowd pleaser.

‘Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand’ (Stevie Wonder)

If you would like to add some sound to your outdoor learning environment and improve your children’s educational play experience, please Contact Us for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert playground consultants.

We have a fantastic range of School Playground Equipment that fully support the curriculum outdoors.