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Super Structures: Presenting Pentagon’s New Play Bridge and Up & Under Blocks!

Tower Bridge - a famous landmark built over 100 years ago to cross England’s longest river, the River Thames. Humber Bridge near Kingston Upon Hull -  a single-span road suspension bridge that, when it first opened in 1981, was the longest of its type in the world.  Severn Bridge - the 1.6km steel and cable suspension bridge that connects Wales to Southwest England. Iron Bridge in Shropshire - completed in 1779, it was the first bridge in the world made entirely from cast iron. 

All magnificent structures, for sure. But have you seen Pentagon’s Play Bridge and Up and Under Blocks yet? Just sayin’....

one young boy and one young girl are walking across the play bridge which is over the roadway

We’re playing of course! BUT - when it comes to unleashing children’s imaginations at EYFS and KS1, and inspiring their creativity for physical learning through play, our new bridge-based playground products really are super structures of their own!

What are these prized new pieces? Let’s have a look!

Play Bridge Walkway Options

Stepping straight out of a storybook, our Playbridge Walkway and Playbridge with Handrails are simple in concept and strong in design, creating a defining feature in any playground space.

These high-pressure treated, sustainably sourced (as always) play-grade timber structures lead children into their very own realm of imagination, where their ideas can flow naturally.

A young girl jumping of the end of the play bridge and young boy stepping onto it

With black anti-slip grips on the crossing, the bridges are wholly inclusive, wheelchair accessible, and safe for use in all weathers, supporting physical development and imaginative play outdoors for all of your pupils, all year round.  

It’s easy to incorporate a Play Bridge into your outdoor learning environment, filling it with an abundance of purposeful play opportunities. Freestanding and interchangeable - use it as a visual lead from one play zone to another, to bring a touch of magic to a sensory garden, to stimulate physical play in the active zone, or to enhance drama and role-play in your storytelling space, where children can create their own stories for play.

A young girl crawling over the play bridge walkway

The Play Bridge is an ideal addition to your wheeled vehicle track, as it fits perfectly over the Pentagon-style roadway surfacing, layering another element of real-life discovery through play into the already-inspiring play scheme that is a Pentagon Roadway!

The Up and Under Blocks

Children can customize this clever 3-in-1 crawl-under platform bridge, up-and-down ramp and 3-step stairway combination set any way they choose, using the different elements to suit their level of skill and confidence.

Each adaptable block is topped with our super soft and durable Playturf Artificial Grass to support comfortable climbing for little hands and legs. Side handles allow children to move them around without the need for supervision or adult support, so they can design and build their own physical challenges, and set their own stamp on imaginative play. 

2 young children walking over the up and under blocks, one young boy is sliding down the block

We’ve added chalkboard walls inside the tunnel to allow for mark-marking. Here children can transform their set into a prehistoric cave with mysteries to uncover -  or anything else they care to create!

Up the steps, over the bridge, down the slope, around and through the tunnel - or up the mountain, over the aquaduct, down the grassy hillside and through the narrow gorge?! There can’t be many better ways to learn positional and directional concepts, and develop spatial awareness at this age in a fun and memorable way, than with the Up and Under Blocks! 

A young boy climbing under the up and under block, he is holding chalk

New Learning Concepts and Physical Development Through Play 

The Play Bridges and Up and Under Blocks are ideal for physical development at EYFS and KS1. They’re built to put gross and fine motor skills to the test as children move around using their bodies in all different ways, gripping the handrails and the handles, and practising their fundamental movement skills.
Children will discover how the different surfaces can affect their balance, speed and agility. They can use the handrails on the Play Bridge to support themselves as they build their physical confidence and develop their ability to walk across inclines. 

3 children walking over the up and under blocks, one young girl is walking down the stairs

 Inclusive play is hugely important - to us, to you, and to your children and their families. We’re devoted to designing playgrounds and playground products that will excite, encourage and support all of your pupils to join in and get the very most from their outdoor learning experiences. 

Children with Special Education Needs, in particular those with motor-sensory and sensory processing difficulties, can benefit holistically from regular play sessions on each of these new pieces of playground equipment.

Supporting a range of controlled movement patterns and providing great sensory feedback as children navigate their way around, they are ideal for supervised sessions with a focus on developing balance, coordination, proprioception and core stability.

walkway-play-bridge.JPG And there’s much more! Here is where you can bring storytelling to life with drama and role play, developing their language and communication skills and promoting personal, social and emotional development - Going on a Bear Hunt, chasing after the Three Billy Goats Gruff, towing Thomas and Gordon through the tunnels, skating down the icy mountain slope with Anna and Elsa - whatever inspires them, there are so many marvellous journeys to explore with friends and their imaginations!

A young boy reading billy goats gruff on the play bridge in his playground

Climbing patterns support developing numeracy skills through counting, and problem-solving as children build their course and work out different ways to get from A to B. Children will naturally develop their ability to pay attention, and to follow instructions, through positional direction and exploring positional language. This in turn will support them in developing the skills that they need to succeed in achieving their learning goals across all of the areas of learning.  
No need to wait - each of the Play Bridge and Up and Under Blocks designs are available to order now in our Online Shop!

Magical, mystical, purposeful, playful, loving their learning journeys… who knows where Pentagon’s play structures will lead them next?