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Christmas Lesson Plans Just For You This Season!

Seasonal Activities for your pupils that do and don't celebrate the holiday!

Finding the balance between learning and fun this Christmas time can be a difficult one in any classroom with pupils of any age!

Christmas is a time full of fun, creativity and enjoyment yet we don't want to lose all of that potential learning time- with these Christmas Educational Activities, you don't have to!

children hold bowls in front of the mud kitchen with little christmas puddings inside

Discover how your pupils can learn through play this Christmas!


How well do your pupils know their 'elfabet'?

Invite your little learners to practice their spellings this season whilst beautifully creating colour paper chains at the same time.

a zoomed in picture of a child's hands putting colourful paper chains together

Lay out all your different coloured strips of paper at the front of the class and invite pupils to come up and choose their colours!

Pupils must then spell those colours correctly to get them! Once they’ve collected their colours, they can string and glue them together to create a beautiful classroom Christmas decoration!

a little girl in red school uniform and brown pigtails sits cross legged on the floor writing on a scribble board on her knee

This can even work for older pupils, by choosing more difficult words for them to spell.

*TOP TIP: For pupils that don’t celebrate Christmas, they can make a very cool piece of artwork by gluing the colourful strips down onto a piece of card forming any shape they like or crafting some abstract art! *


Twas' the month of Christmas and all through the class, pupils were writing and hoping to pass!

Why don’t you give your pupils the opportunity to try their hand at some creative writing this Christmas with these engaging story-time starters?

a teacher sits at the front of a story-telling circle on a timber chair with timber benches formed in a semi-circle around as she reads nursery pupils a story book and shows them to images

1. One Christmas Eve, Santa wakes up with a cold! Mrs Claus must fill in for him this year!

2. Oh no! One of the elves snuck into Santa’s sack and got left behind in somebody’s house, how will he get home?

3. Vixen escaped from Santa’s sleigh whilst he was delivering presents, where is he now?

4. The big Christmas tree at the North Pole just won’t light up, no one can get it to work! Will they fix it in time for Christmas?

5. Rudolph has woken up one morning and his nose is no longer red! What ever will he do?

a little boy sits in a large story telling chair with his feet up reading a book with colourful mushroom seats gathered around in front of him in a semi-circle

Or, if your pupils don’t celebrate Christmas, then they can try one of these!

1. One day, your teacher wakes up with a cold! You must fill in for them today!

2. Oh no! Your stuck in your classroom overnight! What do you do?

3. Your pet has decided to go on holiday, where’ve they gone?

4. Whoops! All the lights have gone off in your town! What do you do next?

5. One of your friends has lost his PE Kit, he’s very upset. Where is it and how did he lose it?

little children in winter coats sit on artificial grass topped seats in front of a story-telling circle  whilst being read a story book by a teacher also in a winter coat


How much do your pupils ‘noel’ about Christmas?

1.  How many reindeer does Santa have? A: 9

2. What colour did Santa originally wear? A: Green

3. Who is said to have stolen Christmas? A: Grinch

4. What wouldn’t the other reindeers let Rudolph do because of his nose?   A: Join in any reindeer games

5. What typically goes on top of the Christmas tree? A: Angel / Star

6. One of Santa’s reindeer has a name beginning with ‘V’, what is it? A: Vixen

7. Which fairy tale features a gingerbread house? A: Hansel and Gretel

8. What was Frosty the Snowman’s nose made from? A: A Button

9. What do people traditionally leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?            A:     Milk and Mince Pies

10. How many times in a row does Santa say ‘ho’? A: Three

children sit around in the gazebo on the benches whilst a teacher stands at the front leading them whilst they alll look at him

A Quiz for those who don’t celebrate!

1. How many days are there in February in a leap year? A: 29

2. What colour is the ‘M’ in the McDonald’s logo? A: Yellow

3. Who is Harry Potter’s best friend? A: Ron Weasley

4. In the famous animation film, the weather is cloudy with a chance of what? A: Meatballs

5. In the night sky, people typically wish on what? A: A shooting star

6. What begins with a ‘T’ and is a fruit but is often called a vegetable?            A: Tomato

7. Which fairy tale features a poisonous apple? A: Snow White

8. What leaf do people often think is good luck? A: A four-leaf clover

9. What do cows drink? A: Water

10. In the song, ‘sing a song of sixpence’, what is the pocket full of? A: Rye


Christmas Poems

Get those creative brains going once more with this fantastic Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan!

The trick is every line must be Christmas themed!

1.      TREE

2.      ANGEL

3.      MERRY

4.      PRESENTS

5.      NATIVITY

two little girls write on the giant interactive whiteboard on posts with the help of a teacher wrapped in a black and white shawl

*For those who don’t celebrate:

1.      SUNSHINE

2.      HAPPY

3.      SMILE

4.      SING

5.      WINTER


Christmas Snow and Tell

Christmas Snow and Tell:

1. Invite your pupils to think of their favourite Christmas memory ever!

2. Ask them if they can paint that memory onto paper.

3. Invite pupils who would like to share to come to the front and share with their classmates why that Christmas memory was their favourite.

a child paints a paper plate with acrylic paint and a wooden paint brush

This is one of our most sentimental Christmas activities of all!

*This is super simple for those who don’t celebrate, as they can just recall their favourite memory from home! *


Get your Santa on!

See how fast your pupils can deliver presents to one another!

Split them into teams of four and give them pre-wrapped cardboard boxes to run with.

children in black and white school uniform run around the daily mile track

Are any of them faster than Santa Claus?

For those who don’t celebrate, pupils can still celebrate by participating in a relay race with a painted cardboard box instead of a wrapped one!



1.   LJIENG BSLEL – Jingle Bells

2.  UPDGIND- Pudding

3.  EDERNIRE- Reindeer

4.  WSNMNAO- Snowman

5.  IUEYELDT- Yuletide

Non-Christmas Anagrams

1.   EMCERDBE- December

2.  YMRIAPR- Primary

3.  KOMROWEH- Homework

4. DWUNRELOF- Wonderful

5. CTTNIEMEXE- Excitement


Rein-draw me a picture

Why not have a Christmas themed game of Pictionary with your class- this game works for all pupils (even those who don’t celebrate)

Create two bowls of picture ideas- one Christmassy and one regular!

a little girl with blonde hair sits cross legged on the floor and draws on the whiteboard with white chalk

Pupils can then come to the front, pick an idea, and then draw it on the board for their fellow pupils to guess.

Pupils can even be split into smaller groups and draw their pictures on mini whiteboards and invite people to guess!


Yule love this artistic activity

Get those arty imaginations going with this card-making activity that can be adjusted to suit all!

a zoomed in pic of a child making a christmas card with stickers and card

Children can choose to make either a Christmas Card for their loved ones, or a Thank you card to all of those that have helped them throughout the year!

How exciting!


And just hear those sleigh bells jingling, sing-sing-singing too

Everyone knows the classic song, the 12 days of Christmas, but not everyone wants eight maids a-milking in their stocking this festive season!

Invite your little learners to write their own endings to the songs with their Christmas lists!

four children in winter coats stand on the performance stage and sing for their classmates

Children who don’t celebrate can simply swap out the lines and write their own lyrics! Here are some ideas that they could swap them with:

  • On the first day of school…
  • On the first day of (their birth month) …
  • On the first day of the weekend…
  • On the first day of half-term…

They can then finish the lines with fun memories or wishes that they have!

three little girls stand on the black performance stage with yellow stars with instruments in their hands and a giant mirror behind them and play music for their classmates

The festive season is an incredibly fun time of the year but not everyone is celebrating the same way as you! With these versatile lesson activities, the learning doesn’t have to stop and neither does the fun! Make the classroom the best place to be this December with these Primary School Activities!

children sit in a semi circle on the artificial grass surfacing within the timber canopy in front of a teacher in a pink cardigan