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Pentagon's NEW Construction Skips!

Building Brilliant Learners with Pentagon’s Construction Skips and Building Blocks!

Get ready to unleash the full force of your children’s incredible imaginations, with Pentagon’s new ‘real world’ Construction Skips and Building Blocks!

Children love an opportunity to spend time building their own creations, and for good reason! Freestyling, having fun making something magnificent of their own accord -  construction play is their time to manipulate their environment in any way they choose. 

a child kneels on the floor and plays with wooden blocks on the floor by the wooden skip

When they can pick up an item and apply their own vision to it, transforming it into something meaningful to them without limitation, or dictation by others, children get to see for themselves what they are capable of.

There are no set rules, and there doesn’t have to be a set purpose. It’s a perfect example of true open-ended play that provides children with that satisfying, confidence-boosting feeling of independent accomplishment that is so important to their development and wellbeing.  

a child sits on the floor on a blanket and builds with building blocks

Pentagon’s Construction Skips and Building Blocks are part of our brand new Construction range of products, designed to make learning through open-ended  construction play a fantastically fun and ‘easily do-able’ part of the daily routine for schools and nurseries!

children run around barefoot on the grass and build with the blocks on the grass

To Me, To You…

Builders, architects, engineers and demolition experts - whatever their approach to construction play (every technique has its place!) - children can get down to business with our durable and child-friendly ‘true to life’ wooden Construction Skips, complete with a generous set of solid wooden Building Blocks of all different shapes and sizes to explore.    

a child sits on the floor and stacks blocks into a tall tower

You can choose between Maxi Skip and Mini Skip package combinations, with or without the Blocks, to suit your school’s space and needs. 

Versatile and ready to accommodate a huge range of EYFS and KS1 play and learning activities, we’ve carved in smooth handles all the way around each Skip, so children can flex their building muscles and move their Skip between indoor and outdoor environments at a moment’s notice. 

a child stands by the mini skip and puts his arm in to grab wooden blocks

Spacious, Self-Selecting Toy Storage? We’ve Nailed it….

Our new Construction Skips offer a great additional interactive storage space for toys and construction play resources.  

a child stands and is tidying the blocks

The space-saving design makes them ideal for storing all of your class building supplies tidily in one place, without taking up too much room. They’re a perfect accessible height for all children to reach in and choose their items to play with.

When it’s tidy-up time, the open top encourages children to take responsibility for keeping their construction zone tidy as they refill the Skip. No more toe-curling trip hazards on the carpet - this is a Building Safety Regulator approved site!

a little boy stands on the floor and lays out the wooden blocks in front of him as he arranges them

Building Blocks of Learning…

Stacking them up and knocking them down - these are the first fun steps of construction play! Choose your skip chock-a-block full of our fab wooden Building Blocks of all different shapes and sizes for your young innovators to get creative with.

We supply a variety of 3D shapes with each Building Block bundle - each one carefully made with beautifully smooth edges to protect little hands. 

two children sit on the floor and stack blocks

Children will develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness as they manipulate and position each block, discovering for themselves essential STEM learning concepts such as the effects of gravity, weight and weight distribution, shape, angles, measurement, attributes of materials and much more. 

They can get busy problem-solving, connecting socially as they play together, being inquisitive as they develop their understanding of the world, and engaging their curiosity as much as their imaginations.

two children discuss in front of the skips

Each spacious Skip features chalkboard set into the panels, providing a handy additional space to encourage children to experiment with mark-making and number/letter recognition.

In conjunction with the benefits of manipulative play that the Building Blocks deliver, our Construction Skip packages can support the development of crucial day to day skills that are essential in the Early Years, and form the foundations for children’s ability to write. 

You can read more about the many educational benefits of construction play here in our expert edu-blog. 

a child walks past the skip and looks inside to see what's available

Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle…

Responsibility for the environment is an extremely important part of children’s learning, and it’s hugely significant in the construction industry - especially in today’s world.  

We always strive to lead by example in this regard, using recycled and sustainable materials to make our products wherever we can. We make our Building Blocks using off-cuts of the sustainably-sourced wood that we use to build our larger playground products for schools and nurseries, making sure that as little as possible goes to waste.

a child sits on the grass and plays with the blocks next to the mini skip

And of course our Construction Skips are built not just to store our Building Blocks - you can fill them with lots of other recyclable materials that are ideal for construction play too. They’re a great place to store used cardboard boxes, tubes, milk cartoons, foil trays and tops, paper scraps etc - anything you would like to encourage the children to bring in from home ready to recycle through craft as part of their ongoing learning.

Hard hats on, let’s get to work - there is much to do!

Our brand new Construction Skips are now available to order from our Online Shop!

a child shows off a completed tower built with the timber blocks