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The Importance of Biophilic Modular Classrooms

The Importance of Biophilic Design and Outdoor Play

TG Escapes’ biophilic eco modular classrooms are carefully designed to encourage a connection with nature, maximise exposure to natural light and foster a desire to get outside.

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Our design approach includes the use of natural construction materials and textures and a proliferation of windows and glass doors, bathing the interior in sunlight and providing views of and access to the natural world beyond the classroom.

One of our primary design principles is to seamlessly blend the learning experience with the health-enhancing benefits derived from exposure to nature and the outdoors, whether it be the penetration of daylight inside the classroom, a natural outlook or the opportunity to physically free flow between indoors and out.

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The benefits of a biophilic modular classroom


Playing and learning outside is known to have a significantly positive impact on physical health, mental well-being and socio-emotional development which in turn will all serve to enhance learning capacity.

Clearly, vigorous movement in a large outdoor space (particularly when combined with the demands of well-designed play equipment) is going to boost physical fitness and motor skills, both gross and fine.

However, it also improves blood flow to the brain, enhances mood and reduces stress levels which all lead to better mental health and cognitive function.

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Furthermore, playing and learning outside is also linked to greater creativity and problem-solving ability, which can be further augmented by age-appropriate play equipment designed to mentally stretch its users.

In turn, this will bolster self-confidence and self-reliance and cultivate positive peer relationships and better communication skills.

Once the children are back in the classrooms, after a good dose of fresh air and exercise, they will be both more willing and able to learn, exhibiting improved concentration levels,  a higher degree of engagement and retention of taught material.

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A biophilic modular classroom will further support the learning experience by providing great lighting, consistent internal temperatures, optimal air quality and acoustic comfort.

So many modern buildings cocoon their occupants from the natural elements.

Combined with the exponential technological growth of recent years, that has effectively transfixed today’s children and young people, the bond between humans and the natural world is weakening.

Physical, mental and emotional health are all showing signs of deterioration as a result.

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The team at Pentagon Play, together with our partners at TG Escapes, believe that a holistic approach to designing learning spaces that reconnect children with nature and the outdoors can significantly improve the well-being and learning outcomes of today’s school population. If you're thinking about installing a magnificent modular classroom in your school, feel free to Contact TG Escapes' here.