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Sneak a Peek at our New Mud Kitchen Now!

Take a look at the Mud Kitchen that your pupils could win NOW!

Our Mud Kitchen has existed for years now and has been consistently popular with both customers and their pupils!

Children love re-enacting their world and building schemas of knowledge through play.

two little boys play with the new mud kitchen at the whitworth art gallery

When little ones see their parents chopping, washing and baking in the kitchen, they automatically want to replicate that as a way of comprehending their environment, routine and food knowledge.

This is why it was essential for our Products team to ensure that this product was as close to real-life as possible.

two little girls dressed in pink play with the mud kitchen whilst being supervised by an adult

With our latest model, children will be able to mimic their surroundings in the most authentic way possible, using the new features to their fullest extent!

A Space-Saving Hack

As many of our customers know, we offer two different variations of the mud kitchen- the normal size and our space-saving option, the mini mud kitchen!

And our latest version is exactly that, a miniature version.  In fact, following this kitchen's release, all of our mud kichens will be adopting a mini format!

a mother holds her toddler up to the mud kitchen and helps him play with the materials in the mud kitchen

Don’t worry though! Just because this mud kitchen is half the size, it doesn’t mean that it’s half the fun- it just means more classroom space for additional learning and play items!

There is still plenty of space for pupils to gather around, practicing their communication skills as they navigate their play stories and create their own little world.

a child in a yellow top and black and white starry bucket hat mixes materials in the mud kitchen

They’ll be the monarch of their own kitchen in no time!

Mains Away for Table Twenty!

This kitchen is also a great addition to any school encouraging learning through play as role play and storytelling are both extremely effective methods of building schemas of knowledge regarding their environment.

a little girl leans over the mud kitchen reaching into the sink as she reads the recipes propped on the menu holders

Children can copy what they’ve seen their parents doing or don their chef’s hat and put their dinnertime knowledge to the test with this brand new item!

Complete with opening the oven door, four chalkboard hobs and menu storage, you might as well change your pupils’ names to Nigella and Jamie- they’ll be professionals in no time!

a little boy in a yellow top mixes glitter and water in a sauce pan on the hob on the mud kitchen whilst a supervisor helps

They can serve their peers through the ideal sized serving hatch and store their utensils in the storage facility below…

Children can display their specials to customers far and wide with the menu board facilities and then craft as many mud pies as their heart desires on the easy-wipe surface, making for a whole new day of play tomorrow!

a little girl in all black and a white hat mixes glitter in the sink

This kitchen is the perfect size for growing pupils, meaning this facility will suit them for years to come!

It’s the ideal addition to any learning through play environment and will provide years of outdoor learning opportunities for your school!

a child pour water in a bucket full of lemons, limes an other materials on the mud kitchen

This product will be available for purchase later this year but for now, why not try and be the first school to own this amazing product by entering our          Incredible Competition!

Or, listen to our products team explain the design process behind this product here in the Pentagon Play Facebook Community Group or see the first group of little learners playing with the mud kitchen here during it’s trial phase at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Summer 2021.

a little boy pretends to cook on the mud kitchen as an older child writes the menu specials