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How Nurseries Can Support Babies Learning to Walk

How Nurseries Can Support Babies Learning to Walk

DOWNLOAD our excellent 'Learning to Walk Outdoors Guide' which reveals ways Nurseries can support babies learning to walk outdoors:

Over the course of a baby’s first year of life, they develop coordination and muscle strength to sit up, roll over and crawl.

Usually somewhere between 6 and 10 months, when many babies start coming to nursery, they will start to hold onto something (anything!) to pull themselves up to standing.

babies learning to walk

From this point onwards, confidence and balance will influence a baby’s ability to go on and take their first steps unaided.

It’s usually at this point that new parents go crazy around the house, “babyproofing” it by removing anything breakable, electrical items, small components or otherwise hazardous looking items and anything with sharp or hard corners, until there is virtually nothing left!

babies learning to walk at nursery

This is where nurseries come into their element for babies. Beautifully designed outdoor spaces with safe, stable and secure areas for babies to pull themselves up safely, well equipped with products that encourage babies to stand and explore and be curious about, are ideal.

So when parents are learning themselves how to help their children to walk, nurseries with great facilities can provide the very best support.

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As experts in the field of designing and installing outdoor play spaces for schools and nurseries, we are always looking at new ways in which we can support schools by offering the best design solutions and the most effective, high quality play equipment and outdoor resources.

DOWNLOAD our excellent 'Learning to Walk Outdoors Guide' to understand how babies learn to walk and how nurseries can maximise their outdoor play spaces to accommodate this major developmental milestone:

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