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Introducing Our New In-Out Shapes

A Versatile Resource For Outdoor Regulatory and Heavy Work Activities and A Breakout Space: Our New In-Out Shapes

We’re proud to introduce you to our new In-Out Shapes - designed by us in consultation with SEN teaching professionals and occupational therapists to be an excellent resource for children of all ages in SEN settings.

This super new, movable set comprises three sturdy, hollow, 3D shapes made from high-pressure treated “play grade” timber.

Child climbing into a break out space made up of netting and in-out shapes

There’s a triangle, a square and a rectangle for children to climb in, out, over, under and through.

With smooth surfaces and gently domed edges, you can use them for fun, physical exercise, calming creative-play and exciting den-building activities.

Child in mid air after jumping off an In Out Shape

Help Children With SEN Self-Regulate

The In-Out Shapes are particularly beneficial for children with ADHD, children on the Autism Spectrum, children with Asperger syndrome and children with sensory processing issues if they find that repetitive motion and climbing activities help with their self-regulation.

The body movements that children are naturally drawn to make when they use the In-Out Shapes can be calming and restorative, offering the sensory input that they may crave. 

Child sitting on sensory play equipment on a sen school playground

The idea is that by engaging children in self-regulating activities such as those that can be enjoyed with the In-Out Shapes (e.g. shape sorting, musical shapes, anything that involves repetitive climbing, stretching and bending movements) they will be in a better position to manage their emotions, behaviour and body movements - particularly when faced with situations they find tough - so that they can cope with and enjoy everyday life more.

Self-regulation is what helps children to stay focused, pay attention, be calm, happier and more flexible when situations and expectations change.

Children sitting on top of in-out shapes for sen schools

Provide Beneficial Outdoor Occupational Therapy Sessions

The In-Out Shapes can be used for highly beneficial outdoor occupational therapy sessions - with exercises that gently encourage children and help them to develop their gross and fine motor skills, core strength, balance and spatial awareness.

Children can hang from the shapes, stretch their limbs, bend their bodies to climb under and over and try push-and-pull movements - the frames are sturdy so they won’t go anywhere. They are designed to be comfortable for little hands to grip as they climb around them, so children can steady themselves more easily as they go.

Child climbing on sensory play equipment

Create A Cozy Break Out Space 

If you have a Quiet Zone or a Sensory Space in your outdoor learning area, the In-Out Shapes are an ideal resource for creating cosy and calming dens - somewhere different and a designated “safe space” where children can go to relax and enjoy a sensory experience and/or read a book.

Drape a warm blanket, a black-out sheet or a brightly coloured playground parachute over them to create different atmospheres as needed. Put cushions or bean-bags underneath for extra comfort. Tie colourful ribbons or wind-chimes to the frame.

Child sitting in a break out space using Pentagon Play's In Out Shapes

Let them climb in and make it their own. These are wonderful creations for calming children and helping them to practice relaxation, self-awareness skills and self-regulation techniques.

If you would like a set of our fabulous new In-Out Shapes for your school or nursery playground, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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