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Fun Outdoor Science Lesson Ideas For KS1

Exciting Outdoor Science Activities and Lessons For KS1

We don’t regularly get beautiful weather in Britain and when we do, it would be best to take advantage of it.

After all, students and teachers may find it difficult to concentrate inside the classroom when the gorgeous sun’s out.

With this in mind, we joined forces with a key stage 1 teacher to come up with a collection of Outdoor Science Activities and Ideas, intended to get children out in the fresh air. 

ks1 science lesson ideas

Core subjects

In previous blogs, we have explored ways that outdoor play can have a physical benefit in developing key physical skills. 

However, the playground can also be a great way to tackle specific areas of learning aimed at core subjects such as; Mathematics, English and Science.

We decided to explore some outdoor science lessons (Key Stage 1).

outdoor science cabin

Outdoor Learning and the Science Curriculum

In England, The National Curriculum for KS1 science includes 5 different topics children must learn about within their science programs of study.

Two of these topics are animals, including human beings and plants.

outdoor science in schools

Lesson Idea - Animals, including humans

We know that most schools do not allow animals such as dogs to come into the playground, but one of the great things about inviting the children to learn outdoors is that it encourages observation, creates discussions, and promotes practical thinking.  

wildlife areas for school

They can observe and discuss what they can see. For instance, topics of debate could be;

  • Why do birds fly?
  • Which parts of the anatomy allow them to fly?
  • What are the similarities between birds, insects and humans?
  • What anatomical differences can be seen?
  • Why do we stand upright? Linking back to human beings.
  • What do the animals eat?
  • What do we eat?

An Outdoor Performance Stage in the playground is resourceful and can be used for groups of children to present their answers, observations and then to articulate their findings to their peers.

outdoor school stage

Equally, to add some variety and fun to learning, they could act out different animals, the sounds they make and perform movements made by those animals.

Similarly, outdoor Mark making Boards can be used to draw diagrams, brainstorm and to present findings; encouraging teamwork and collaborative learning.

You can view our fantastic range of Imaginative and Creative play equipment, including Play Panels and Outdoor Performance Stages.

outdoor mark making boards

Lesson Idea - Plants

A great way of incorporating what the children have learnt in the classroom about plants is to explore the outdoors.

Children can be encouraged to examine plants that are growing around the playground, discussions can be around what they are and what they will look like when fully grown. They can even scrutinize the inside of a flower!

planters for schools

Children can even be encouraged to take on a green thumb when planting seeds into a planter to re-enforce learning about the plant life cycle as they watch their seeds grow into beautiful flowers.

science lesson ideas

Vegetables could even be planted to link back to a healthy eating topic!

It is the perfect time to take advantage of your Outdoor Science Laboratory for investigative learning, whilst benefiting from the lovely weather.

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At Pentagon Play, we have a wide variety of products that can be resourceful when incorporating outdoor learning and outdoor science. We have options for outdoor gazebos, school cabins and lodges that can be used as part of the playground or as a science laboratory for investigative learning. For more assistance please Contact Us.