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What Are We Waiting For?!

Some things in life are worth the wait- especially a Pentagon Playground!

The exact moment that the blackberries ripen to perfection, bursting with sweetness, turning an average autumn walk with the kids into a memorable day of simple surprises and purple fingers.

A tasty lasagne baked long enough in the oven that the sauce bubbles and oozes gratifyingly over the sides of the dish - worth every hungry moment waited!

3 children playing on their mud kitchen, they are using pots and pans to make mud recipes

A hard-earned win for your team, just when you thought it was never going to happen, brings greater glory. The success of a project you have long been fighting for leads to a more meaningful celebration. 

The satisfaction of something really good happening when you’ve had to work that little bit harder, or wait that little bit longer for it - but you’re so glad you did because it was absolutely worth it in the end.

A boy leaping off a get set go block, a teacher is in the background helping a young girl.What are we going on about all this for? 

Well - that’s just how we’re feeling right now. 

We’re really sorry that it’s taking us that little bit longer to deliver our playgrounds to you at the moment. Just like you, we like to get on and get things done - and done properly.

It’s frustrating - but we will get there, and we can assure you that a Pentagon playground is truly worth the wait.

an overview of ten children playing on a climbing frame with one child standing on the sidelines watching as they climb, the children in school uniform use the rope walk, the climbing wall and the balance beams on our artifiical grass surfacing

We are currently just one of the many, hard-working organisations across the UK that are doing our best to navigate something of a supply-chain crisis.

That, coupled with the ongoing effects of disruption caused by the global pandemic, means that we’re experiencing a record amount of pent-up demand causing longer lead times for our installations than normal. 

One of pentagon plays installers screwing in a handle to the climbing panel

We know that schools are looking forward to getting their sense of ‘normality’ back, safely, after multiple lockdowns and school closures have been taking their toll on students and staff alike.

Maximising potentially-available outdoor spaces within the school grounds to create inspiring, engaging, exciting, challenging, interactive and curriculum-focused learning and play environments - with all the many wonderful health, developmental and educational benefits that being outdoors in the fresh air brings - features right up there on their list of priorities. And of course, it’s what we love to do best!

children sat having a lesson in their new outdoor gazebo, a teacher is teaching them using the giant whiteboard.

We understand the importance of getting children up, out and active every day. This is nothing new.

We want all young learners to have access to engaging and inspirational places to learn and play - opportunities to investigate, get hands-on, use their imaginations and explore their creative sides in welcoming, inclusive and sociable learning environments - and we’re brimming with ideas and resources to help schools and nurseries achieve this!  

six children in purple school uniform playing on a climbing frame on our beige and blue wetpour surfacing whilst one child rides a red trike on the artificial grass and another child watches her friends climb

Our Promises to You

Our Pentagon family is working hard to bring you the very best playgrounds out there, as quickly and as safely as we can.

We will NEVER compromise on quality or standards - so if that means waiting for the right materials to get to us, and making sure that our customers get nothing but the absolute best - then wait we will. 

two young girls playing with pom poms on there performance stage.

As the UK’s leading specialist in outdoor learning through play, we’re experts in creating outstanding outdoor spaces that support children’s learning and development all throughout the year.

We build our playgrounds to last, and we stand by our principles that it’s always worth waiting for the good stuff.

A birds eye view od children playing on their new playground, teachers and parents accompany the children

We have made some incredible investment into our manufacturing capability since we first began doing what we do back in 1998.

We are growing our teams of amazing education, design and engineering specialists - we’re always looking for ways to improve our services, and we’ve been busy in our creative bubbles developing exciting new products to bring to you.

Our playgrounds and products for outdoor play, learning and school sports are unlike anything else - and we’re always happy to show you why. 

children gather round and pose on a KS2 playground for a photo in their school uniforms

Still unsure?

Prefer to get a second opinion? Here’s what our wonderful customers have to say!

We know that longer lead times can be off-putting. So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for sticking with us, and for your continued patience as we’re working to get back up to speed. We promise we’ll be worth the wait!

A birds eye view of children playing on their new playground, artificial grass surround the climbing equipment

If you’re thinking about a new playground installation for 2022, it’s worth thinking ahead even if you’re not ready for on-site work to begin yet.

We’re now booking projects for installation next spring/summer so you have a bit more time to plan and make sure you get exactly the playground you want.

four children perform on one of our blue performance stages with giant chalkboards behind them and their classmates sat watching them on the wooden benches

Please do get in touch to discuss your needs - we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we invite you to take a look here for outdoor learning ideas, inspiration and to find out more about what we do, and how we’ve been transforming playgrounds across the UK!