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Physical Activities For Preschoolers and Nurseries

Physical activity guidelines for preschoolers and nurseries


Nurseries and Preschools have a key role to play in leading and supporting children’s physical development. It's important to have an outdoor environment and ethos that encourages physical activities for preschoolers and nursery children.

The Chief Medical Officer has published guidance on physical activity for Early Years children, which all Early Years providers are expected to follow as referenced in the EYFS Statutory Framework.

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The guidelines are designed to differentiate between children under 5 who are capable of walking, and infants under 5 who are not yet walking.

One of the main learning and development themes running throughout all Early Years settings, whether nurseries, preschools, registered child-minders or school reception classes, is learning through movement.

physical activities for preschoolers

Teaching and learning through movement and encouraging physical activity in all areas of learning is absolutely essential for all children from birth to 5.

It’s how children learn effectively, and it is also how they develop well and in good health, both physically and mentally.

Physical activity is so important in the early years of a child’s life, and getting off to a good start is something that will remain with them as they grow throughout their lives.

Download our PDF to understand ways to effectively follow the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines on physical activity. We look at how to implement some excellent physical activities and ideas to satisfy the guidelines, and to ensure that young children and infants are getting plenty of good opportunities for movement: 

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