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Playground Equipment In Bristol

Pentagon Play's Fabulous Playground Equipment in Bristol

As a nationwide company and the trusted provider amongst schools and nurseries across the UK, we thought we’d summarise some of our most recent, biggest playground projects across Bristol.

Pentagon Plays Playground Equipment in Bristol

We have worked with over 160 primary schools and nursery settings around Bristol to improve their children’s educational play experiences.

From dedicated sporting spaces to curriculum focused, EYFS outdoor learning environments, we have installed it all in Bristol! Our dedicated, enthusiast playground consultants, James Collis-Pritchard, Becky Hazell and Chloe Pope, are Bristol’s area managers.

3 Fantastic Playground Projects In Bristol


Pentagon Plays Playground Equipment in Bristol


A MUGA To Enhance The Sporting Curriculum At St Barnabas Primary School, Bristol


We transformed a previous grassed area, which was a real hindrance to the school due to waterlogging and becoming muddy and unusable many times of the year, into a fantastic Multi-Use Games Area at St Barnabas Primary School.

The school desired a MUGA as they wanted their children to benefit from regular outdoor sports lessons and games - no matter what the weather may bring. Consequently, they also endeavoured to promote good health and wellbeing for their children while improving their physical skills.

St Barnabas opted for a fantastic 20m x 12m enclosed sporting space with an all-weather Multisport Carpet to allow for excellent drainage, combating their waterlogging problems.

Within the sporting surface, we added Sports Lines including a halfway line, centre spot and two coloured goal areas - for a red and a blue team, of course!

MUGA Pitches for Primary Schools

In the dedicated sporting space, children can participate in a number of different sporting activities including basketball, football, hockey and even netball as they improve their cardiovascular fitness, sporting skills and fundamental movement skills.

If you would like to read more about the fantastic sporting space at St Barnabas Primary School, click here.

Multi Use Games Areas for Schools


An Inspiring Outdoor Learning Environment For EYFS at Henbury Court Primary Academy, Henbury


This exciting project at Henbury Court Primary Academy, in Henbury, Bristol, featured a dramatic improvement to the EYFS children’s outdoor learning and play facilities.

Reinventing outdoor learning at the school is a beautiful, pressure-treated timber canopy, which creates a more natural feel to the outdoor space, as well as extending the existing teaching space.

Since the new Timber Canopy is a water tight structure, it encourages free-flow play between the indoor classroom and the outdoor learning environment in all-weathers.

Timber Canopies for schools

Alongside the timber canopy, we simply had to include a superb explorative messy play area.

Through child-led exploration, the children can use the brilliant messy play area, consisting of our market-leading Mud Kitchen, Rope and Pulley Materials Mover and Mug Box, to learn scientific and mathematic concepts as they measure, pour, stir, mix and investigate – promoting the EYFS curriculum outdoors.

Mud, sand and water play equipment

Finally, to create an exciting space for imaginative and active play, we installed our giant Langley Play Castle to offer numerous exciting and challenging elements for the children to explore - a versatile space for high energy outdoor play!

As the children scramble up the nets, climbing walls and ladders, charge around the battlements, slide back down the chute and plot their plans in the dungeons underneath, they are developing vital physical skills and improving their creative flair. 

Read more about this amazing outdoor play and learning environment at Henbury Court Primary Academy.

School Playground Castles

An Energising Active Play Space For Whitehall Primary School, Avon


Whitehall Primary School, located in Avon, Bristol, craved a stimulating, active play space to promote physical development and provide the children with an area where they could climb, swing and explore to release all their excess energy and keep active at playtime.

We worked with the school to extend the physical play opportunities at play time by installing a fabulous selection of Active Play Equipment that would meet the requirements outlined, including:

  • Developing upper body strength
  • Encouraging language, communication and social skills development
  • Creating a challenging, exciting and engaging area
  • Accessible throughout all weathers

Active Playground Equipment for Schools

We met the needs outlined by installing an energising space that provides the little monkeys with a forest area to practise swinging and climbing through the gigantic trees.

With such a range of trim trail equipment and a huge Tryfan Climber, the children are developing their climbing confidence as they select which challenge they’d like to conquer – making their way up to the high level branches of the towering trees. 

Climbing Frames For Primary Schools

The area is full of cheeky monkeys climbing, hanging, swinging, stepping and jumping through the different obstacles featured in this area, developing their key physical skills!

Underneath the amazing new space, we surfaced the playground with our excellent Artificial Grass For Schools. The children can explore and play in the space throughout every season, without the weather preventing outdoor play and in comfort that the surfacing will help to soften any falls.

Trim Trails for schools

Read further about this energising playground development at Whitehall Primary School.

Across Bristol, we have worked with many primary schools and nursery settings. If you’re a Bristol-based setting who is looking to re-develop their outdoor learning environment, please Contact Us.

Artificial Grass for schools