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School Storage from Pentagon Play

Primary School Classroom and Playground Storage from Pentagon Play

Whether you are looking for indoor classroom storage or an outdoor store for your resources, we have a range of ideas for you!

Pentagon Play has now expanded its school storage range with brand new outdoor storage and an Early Years Indoor Furniture Range. See our whole new range of clever seating and storage solutions for your school…


Stack and Sit Packages - What are they, and what are the benefits?

Pentagon Play has designed the perfect school and classroom storage solutions with our Seating and Storage range for your indoor classrooms. With different Stack and Sit Packages to choose from, your classroom can be transformed into the perfect clutter-free environment.

a picture of 4 stack and sit stools together

  1. Stack and Sit Package 1:

The perfect storage solution for any classroom. This Package consists of 4 Stack and Sit Stools, which can be stacked on top of each other to free up valuable floor space and to help store valuable classroom items (such as Lego, Small World toys, building blocks, etc.) which can easily be seen through a large clear window, allowing the children to easily self-select and play.

Pentagon Play's Acorn Store.
Pentagon Play's Acorn Store.

Pentagon Play's Acorn Store.

A must have for every playground, this durable self-select store is made from high-quality materials and designed to keep your provisions dry and secure all year round - year after year.

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Each Stool comes already assembled with a cushion either in sage green or grey, which can be removed with ease by the children from the stool lid. They can then use the cushion to kneel or sit on when they commence to play.

a child kneels down and lifts the lid of the stack and sit and looks into the storage space

Upon removing the cushion, a game will be shown on top of the stool’s lid. The games range from farmlands, and roadways for small-world play to sorting activities where the children can sort items of different sizes, shapes, and colours.

If needed the Stools can stack on top of each other to form higher seating options for taller children or adults.

children sit on the stools and look at an art easel

These Stack and Store Stools are a fantastic addition to any classroom whether they are being used as a seat, storage, or both. Plus, they provide valuable storage solutions for any classroom.

  1. Stack and Sit Package 2:

This Package consists of 2 Stack and Sit Benches which can also be stacked on top of each other to provide a great storage solution in over cluttered classrooms.

Our Storage Benches are designed to:

  • Make play more accessible by helping children to self-select their items of choice through large clear windows on every bench,
  • encourage independent play,
  • improve interaction, communication, and socialisation
  • Stop classrooms being cluttered and provide flexible storage solutions
  • Seating for up to 2 children on one bench

Each Bench has removable cushions and games on the lids like the Stacking Stools. Enabling children to kneel and sit on the floor comfortably when playing with the games (roadways and sorting activities.)

a shot of the stack and sit bench with the lid being put down on top of it

The Bench lids can be stacked on top of each other to form higher seating options for taller children and adults.

Our Benches come in natural Birch plywood and are easily wiped clean (even the cushions!) Making them a wonderfully versatile seating and storage solution for any classroom. Plus, they arrive fully assembled so you can start using them right away!

little boy sits on the stack and sit bench and poses for a photo whilst holding some dinosaur toys

  1. Stack and Sit Package 3

This a great Combination Package with 2 Stack and Sit Benches and 4 Stack and Sit Stools. Providing the classroom with many different seating and classroom storage scenarios for individual and small group work solutions.

All the Stools and Benches:

  • Come with removable cushions
  • Have large clear windows for easy access to resources
  • Games on top of each lid
  • Easy to wipe down and clean
  • Fully assembled
  • Can stack on top of each other to provide higher seating for taller children and teachers.
  • Can stack on top of each other to provide tall storage units and make more room in the classroom
  • Provide more storage options for teachers

children kneel around the low-level stack and sits


Book Storage Solutions

Get rid of school cupboards and use one of our Bookcases on Wheels. They will solve any book storage issues whilst at the same time creating flexible reading zones across the classroom. This fantastic multi-faceted resource encourages children to self-select as well as being able to create a reading zone for children to quietly read in.

a little girl in a yellow top picks books from the bookcase on wheels

The main benefits of the Bookcase on Wheels are:

  • Wheels to create flexible reading spaces
  • Front-facing bookcase for self-selection
  • Low-level shelves for children to find and select books
  • Double-sided to create more book storage and self-selection – no queuing to find books!
  • Chalkboard labels on either side for genres and mark-making

Pentagon Play’s Bookcase on Wheels is the perfect book storage for any classroom, providing children with control over their reading material and engaging them in non-fiction and fiction books, whilst at the same time creating reading zones for the children too! All of this leads to a love of reading and books as well as improving children’s literacy and reading development!

a little girl holds a book from the bookcase on wheels and poses with it

  1. Angled Storage on Wheels:

Pentagon Play’s Angled Storage on Wheels is a wonderful classroom storage resource for any Early Years classroom. The benefits of this product are:

  • It’s on wheels so it can travel easily around the classroom.
  • It allows teachers to create new learning zones for the children.
  • It has 2 lockable castors which are finger-safe so that you can rest assured that once it’s in a desired location it will stay there.
  • It has accessible shelving for children to self-select from.
  • It’s the perfect place to store a variety of different learning materials for the children.
  • It’s a great size (height and width) to allow one or more Angled Storage on Wheels within the classroom. Either individually or doubled up to make a perfect classroom storage and learning zone!

With all these benefits in mind, our Angled Storage on Wheels could be the perfect storage solution for your classroom!

two little girls kneel in front of the angled bookcase


Our New Outdoor Storage Range Solutions

Outdoor play is essential in infant and junior schools and where there is outdoor play there are a LOT of play resources that need to be contained! Pentagon Play has created two outdoor storage solutions that can help any school's outdoor areas become clutter-free!

a photograph of the acorn store filled with books, and a toy clock

  1.  Acorn Self-Select Store:

Pentagon Play’s Acorn Self-Select Store is a wonderful outdoor storage solution to help outdoor learning and play all year round!

Benefits of the Acorn Self-Select Store:

  • Crafted from solid outdoor-treated plywood, each store has 3 sturdy shelves to support and stock supplies safely and hold everything you need to store. Each shelf has a safety lip, to ensure minimal risk of storage boxes slipping and causing injuries when children remove the boxes from the shelves.
  • Each shelf has a fully cleanable chalkboard strip, enabling children to label their resources and aiding self-selection for pupils. The top of the store also has a fully cleanable chalkboard strip so that each store can be marked individually for example – Maths Store, PE Store, English Store, etc.
  • With 2 central opening doors, they can be hooked securely wide-open for maximum access to all the resources as well as being safe for children so that the wind or children don’t slam them shut. When closing the doors, they can be bolted and padlocked for extra security.
  • Each store also comes with 6 large storage boxes (big enough for A4 books and documents to be stored in them.) Allowing the store to be neatly organised and categorised if needed. It also helps the store to be kept clean and neat for your children

a child stands at the entrance to the acorn store and carries bricks that he took from the cupboard

  1. Sycamore Self-Select Store

The Sycamore Self-Select Store is the big sister to the newly launched, versatile Acorn Self-Select Store.

A fabulous addition to any outdoor learning and play area looking for bigger storage solution units for their resources.

This store will launch this Spring at Pentagon Play, and is only available as part of larger installation projects. 

a little girl kneels on the floor in front of the sycamore store in order to reach the resources within the store cupboard

Benefits of the Sycamore Self-Select Store:

  • Built from solid outdoor-treated plywood, each store has 4 strong and durable shelves to withstand heavy resources safely, and store everything you need. Like the Acorn Store, all shelves have a safety lip to reduce any injuries to children when self-selecting resources from the store.
  • All shelves have a cleanable chalkboard strip, allowing children to label their resources and promoting self-selection for pupils. Like the Acorn Store, the Sycamore Store has a chalkboard strip on the face of the roof for naming your store. For example – Maths Store, PE Store, English Store, etc.
  • Like the Acorn Store, the Sycamore Store has 2 central opening doors, with hooks on them to keep them open wide when in use. They also have bolts on the doors which can be padlocked shut.
  • The Sycamore Store comes with 9 large storage boxes (big enough for A4 books and documents to be stored in them.) Providing storage boxes enables you to keep the Store tidy as well as helping children to easily self-select their resources.

children retrieve books from the store and then stand in front of the cupboard and have their photo taken with them

For more information on Pentagon Play’s Storage Solutions  then why don't you Contact Our Team Today or email [email protected] where one of our expert advisers will be happy to help?!