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Whitworth Art Gallery's Summer of Play

We are back at The Whitworth Art Gallery For The Summer Of Play campaign.

Imagine being a child again and not being able to go outside or play with your friends… It wouldn’t be fun, would it?

Throughout the country, children have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

children playing on our water wall

At Pentagon, we have been saddened to see children deprived of play opportunities, and after a difficult year of lockdown and school closures, we understand many children haven’t spent enough time with their friends or enough time exercising.

Summer of Play is a campaign where businesses, councils and charities from all over the country come together to create opportunities for children to socialise, play and have some freedom to explore their imaginations again throughout the summer holidays.

children sat using our scribble board

How Are Pentagon Play Supporting Summer of Play?

To show our support for the Summer of Play, we are once again working with our friends at The Whitworth Art Gallery to provide free play to thousands of children and families across all communities!

This summer, we are focusing on art and water play and will create an amazing “Outdoor Art Space” at the Whitworth Art Gallery.

We are donating the following products:

  • 2 x Potion Stations
  • Potion Mixing Island
  • Water Channels
  • 2 x Easel tables on Wheels
  • Scribble Board Package

Throughout August, children can enjoy creating their own potions, explore the wonders of water and get fully creative with mark making and art.

There is no cost to use our pop-up play space meaning parents and guardians can give their children a fun filled day out without the worry of expenses.

A girl drawing on our scribble boards.

How Do These Unique Products Inspire Play?

Potion Stations and Mixing Island

A brand new, never seen before product… Our extraordinary Potion Stations and mixing island ignites children’s creativity.

Filled with water, bubbles, food colouring and any other resources to hand, mystical potions can carefully be crafted by little hands.

Water Wall
Water Wall

Water Wall

Our Water Walls create an energetic and vibrant atmosphere within your playground

Find out more

They can collect some ingredients for their own magical spell, throw them in, stir them well and mutter an extra special, magical spell.

Children can make magical potions in a cauldron; they can become wizards and turn rocks into feathers. A child’s imagination is a world of its own, they can create fun out of anything!

children playing in our water box

They can play together and transport themselves into another world at the potion station, using their imagination and creativity to make some wizardry potions for their new friends. After over a year of not meeting different children, we were keen to ensure this space would encourage collaborative play.

Sharing, mixing and turn-taking will be a big part to this event!

Children playing our water station

Artistic Drawings

As this event focuses inspiring mark-making, we thought our Easel on Wheels and Scribble Board Package would be a perfect addition to the area. Budding artists can scribble, draw and write on the surfaces over and over again, perfecting their artistic creations.

Used in conjunction with the magical potion stations, little ones can write their special spells out and leave them for other children to follow.

children drawing on easel on wheels.

These are all fun and interactive activities that can spark children’s imagination, improve communication and encourage friendships amongst little ones.

We are delighted to be part of this campaign to help children have the freedom to play.

A girl drawing on our giant chalk board

Everyone can make a difference and has a role to play in making children’s lives better, any setting can be a play area including parks, schools, playgrounds and much more.

Summer is approaching and school is out! Summer of Play allows children to take what they have learnt at the Whitworth Gallery and utilise it independently or with friends.

adults and children playing in our water package

When is the Summer of Play Event?

The Summer of Play event is running on the following days at the Whitworth Art Gallery:

  • Wednesday 4 August, 11am-3pm
  • Wednesday 11 August, 11am-3pm
  • Saturday 21 August, 11am-3pm
  • Saturday 28 August, 11am-3pm

We’d love to see you and your children down at the Whitworth Art Galley’s exceptional Summer of Play Event!

Please do tag us in any social media posts of your children exploring, investigating and playing.