Whether racing across a Trim Trail or reaching the top of a Climbing Frame, children will love conquering our range of active playground equipment. Our designs will promote safe risk taking and develop children’s climbing confidence, upper and lower body strength, balance, core stability and gross motor skills. We have an excellent range of products suitable for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Trim Trails, Climbing Frames, Towers, Castles and Treehouses

Our amazing range of playground equipment has been designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, tackle childhood obesity and encourage safe risks. The combination and design of our products make each challenge a group one, further encouraging children to problem solve, communicate and work in teams. For example, our climbing frames are accessible form every angle making it more exciting and our Trim Trails can be 'bespoke built' with input form the children themselves. Feel free to fill out our Contact Form below to arrange a free consultation and design presentation

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