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Tongue Drum

Our product code: P-IC-MUS-TD

£995 +VAT

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Our excellent freestanding Tongue Drum is a wonderful musical play instrument that can be situated in any area of the playground. This enables children to perform in their own orchestra when placed alongside other musical items or form their own bands as they play in concerts on the performance stage.

More commonly known as slit drums, our Tongue Drum can truly promote cross-curricular play as they are inspired by one of the oldest instruments in the percussion world, originating from Africa, Asia and South America.

Many, many years ago, these drums were designed by hollowing out trees and creating the 'tongues' before being played with sticks and other natural forest findings. Children can explore musical instruments from different countries along with their history as they find out more about the past of this interesting instrument. Role play will naturally occur as children act out the past, investigating if the drums create different sounds when hit with other natural finds.

Crafted from beautiful, hard, dense Sapele timber, our tongue drum produces smooth vibrations in the enclosed timber box when it is struck: creating magical melodies in the playground. When struck, each tongue creates a different tune, enabling children to explore sounds and rhythms outdoors. Additionally, the drum has slits in the bottom so that it can be used throughout all-weather, without the worry of the enclosed box filling with rain water.

Since the drum has been angled, numerous children can easily and ergonomically stand and play the instrument together, while they improve their cooperation, teamwork, communication, language and self-confidence.

Striking an instrument, such as a drum, to produce soothing sounds is a fantastic way to enable children explore their feelings and thoughts as they release any stress and worries they may be feeling: calming children and contributing towards promoting good metal health of children.

Technical Details

  • Size (L x W x H): 876mm​ x 698mm x 911mm
  • Frame made from High pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber
  • Hardwood Sapele 'tongue drum' top 
  • Freestanding design 


  • 2 x Beaters

Music Beaters (PAIR) is the default option for this product. Musical Beaters with Wire Tethered (PAIR) option is available upon request. This will come at an addition cost.

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