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Ready for Active Play at Rowanfield Junior School

The Customer

A ‘dazzling’ school for sure, Rowanfield Junior School pride themselves on instilling their pupils with a drive to always achieve their best in education, and all other aspects of their life too!



Therefore, it’s only right that they offer one of the best playgrounds around for their pupils to thrive within!

children run around on the crinkle crags climber and the roll over bars

Their Objectives

Rowanfield contacted Pentagon Play with active play on their mind. They wanted to create an engaging active play space where pupils could let off steam, have fun and boost their physical activity levels.

key figures to do with this project

The main priorities were:

  1. A good range of active play opportunities
  2. Something with WOW-factor
  3. Suitable surfacing underneath

Outdoor Learning Consultant, Nicole Fairman, worked closely with them on the project to ensure that all of these needs were met!

a child swings on the monkey bars along the trail

Our Approach

Nicole and the team talked the school through their options and guided them to the best surfacing solution for their needs.

Initially, Nicole discussed the possibility of either a Grizedale Climber or a Crinkle Crags.

a birdseye shot of the crinkle crags wooden climbing frame

Both offer an abundance of climber opportunities for variable levels and abilities; however, they have different specific challenges and characteristics.

Ultimately, the school decided that the Crinkle Crags Climber was the best choice for them, and we think that it looks absolutely fabulous in the space.

two little girls swing on the monkey bar crossing

To meet some of the school’s specific interests, and to maximise the active play opportunities available to the pupils, Nicole suggested the installation of Forest Roll Over Bars and Forest Monkey Bars.

Pupils will love building their upper body strength on these challenging yet adventurous products.

a child flips over on the rollover bars

The Results

After speaking to Pete Aldred, P.E Lead, it’s safe to say that the children are loving their new play space.

“There’s huge excitement! They have all wanted to play on it, from the Yr 3s to the Yr 6s. We've had to introduce a bib system to restrict numbers. The children already have their favourite areas. Some spend their entire lunch rolling on the bars, some repeatedly complete the monkey bars and others like the climbing frame.”

two children swing on the roll over bars

It’s also been beneficial in teaching the children some skills that possibly weren’t even considered during the initial project design.

“It is helping the children in thinking of others - waiting their turn, helping other who need assistance etc.”.

And the area looks luscious as ever with the super green, lovely looking Playturf Artificial Grass down, providing a suitable safety surface underneath the daring Crinkle Crags!

children can build their upper body strength on the crinkle crags

We loved working on this area, and we hope the pupils continue to learn an abundance of skills on their new playground!

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