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Bookwell Primary School’s Playground Development

A Stimulating Outdoor Learning Environment for Fresh Air Learning and Improving the Sporting Provision


Determined to promote a healthy lifestyle and increase children’s physical fitness, our playground consultant, Tom Benson, was very excited to work with the team at Bookwell Primary School in Egremont, Cumbria.

The school wanted an area that would increase participation in healthy, sporting activities whilst creating a practical outdoor learning space.

An Outdoor Gym for KS1 and KS2 Children


With a vast amount of space on their school field, we installed a set of outdoor gym equipment, including:

  • Double Air Walker
  • Seated Leg Press
  • Arm and Pedal Bike
  • Air Skier
  • Elliptical Cross Trainer

2 children exercising on a seated leg press installed on their school playground

This fantastic selection of equipment helps to promote a healthier lifestyle amongst children, whilst boosting mental wellbeing.

It’s a great playtime activity, as well as a practical resource for use in lessons, as warm up activities before PE or sports clubs!

4 children exercising on outdoor gym equipment installed onto their school field

Fresh Air Learning Opportunities


The school wanted to create a practical space for PE classes to reconvene, friends to socialise during playtime and teachers to take small intervention groups outside.

Situated on the school’s field is a 5m Hexagonal Gazebo with Decked Base. The outdoor classroom provides plenty of space for a whole class of children to participate in lessons outdoors.

One of their favourite activities is reading and sharing a story with one another!

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A class of children sat on the internal benches of an outdoor classroom reading books