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Brisbane Park Infant School’s Trim Trail

Extending Physical Play Opportunities With An Exciting Trim Trail


With a desire to extend their children’s physical play opportunities, Brisbane Park Infant School, located in Cumbria, contacted us to help transform their playground ideas into a reality.

The infant school wanted to provide their children with the opportunity to develop and improve their key physical skills on the playground during playtimes and lunch times, while providing a space many children could use at once.

By looking at the requirements of the outdoor project, our playground consultant, Tom Benson, presented a realistic playground design of a challenging trim trail to the school that would meet each objective set out and the budget in place and they loved it!

The Challenging Trim Trail


Spanning across the playground in a semi-circle formation, the children have a magnificent 10 piece Trim Trail to conquer each and every day - improving their key physical skills while facilitating imaginative play games.

The new trim trail includes a fantastic variety of equipment, including:

  • Inclined Balance Beam
  • Mini Balance Beam
  • Large Stepping Log
  • Parallel Rope Traverse
  • Net Traverse
  • Walk and Stretch
  • Log Weaver
  • Spring Plank
  • Climbing Poles

School Playground Equipment

Beginning with a simple balancing challenge with the inclined balance beam, then moving on to the net traverse and spring plank, the new trim trail is progressively challenging to enable children of all-ages and ability use the new equipment.

The children can move through the adventure trail as they take on each obstacle presented to them. Although if they have a good try, but find it too tricky to complete that particular piece of equipment, they can simply move on to the next, becoming more determined to complete it next time around.

Trim Trails for Schools

With such a large range of equipment installed in this particular trail, the children have plenty of challenges to complete and conquer as they move through the trail time and time again.

While traversing through the fantastic selection of trim trail equipment, the children are developing and improving their upper and lower body strength, co-ordination, balance, fine and gross motor skills and core stability.

Trim Trail Equipment for Schools

The little monkeys at Brisbane Park love taking themselves on an adventure with a new game in mind each playtime. One day they could be venturing across the lost jungle as they come across a rushing river with only a fallen tree to cross on or watch as the green, all-weather Artificial Grass transforms into lava as they use the equipment to move to safety.

Using the trim trial as a focal point for their play, teachers at the school have seen their children’s creativity develop along with their communication, language and social skills, too!

Trim Trails for Primary Schools

Installing such a wide range of equipment in the form of an amazing trim trail has truly transformed playtimes at this Cumbria primary school! The children are now much more active and co-operative in their play as they look forward to fully utilising the trim trail each and every day.

We loved working with Brisbane Park Infant School to extend their physical play opportunities through the addition of exciting Active Play Equipment and would love to work with you, too! If you’d like to promote active playtimes in your school through the installation of an fabulous trim trail, please Contact Us.

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