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Young Engineers Experiment with their New Play Builder Set!

Charlotte Nursery and Infant School, located in Derbyshire are now the proud owners of their very own Play Builder Engineer Set. The school purchased the set via our online shop and has been extremely pleased with the product.

The Engineer Set is the largest in this range, containing 75 pieces made from high-pressure treated ‘play grade’ timber. The set consists of rectangular and square-shaped blocks with lids, tenon and button planks of different lengths, ramps, clear channels and water topper blocks.

Developing STEM Skills

Practitioners at Charlotte Infant School told us that pupils love their Play Builder set. Pieces are readily available and the resource is the first thing pupils select each day during outdoor playtimes. The Engineer Set includes pallet storage which creates a defined area of the playground where parts can be safely stored away and easily accessed. 

Since the set arrived children are engaged in regular physical activity, allowing them to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Pupils have become physically stronger and both gross and fine motor skills have improved by learning how to correctly slot blocks together. Staff have particularly noticed that children are developing their oracy skills when working in teams to develop their ideas and solve problems.

Coordination and spatial awareness are required when constructing obstacle courses. Children have grown in independence and now correctly select blocks, position and adjust them and test their ideas. 

When we visited Charlotte Infant School and observed children using the equipment rich conversation was evident.

Children were trialling their ideas, negotiating and encouraging one another. Many suggestions were made such as: ‘Why don’t we make a tunnel!’ ‘It needs to be higher; shall we place it here?’ ‘I think we need to flip this block over, let’s try it.’ Pupils were experts at taking turns, respecting ideas and demonstrating leadership qualities.

A Resource Full of Possibilities

The open-ended nature of the Play Builder Sets allows children’s imagination and creativity to thrive. So far, pupils have built a throne, a car and a boat yet their favourite activity is to build their own courses where they can choose the rules, obstacles and direction of their play.

Students particularly enjoy practising balancing, travelling and jumping as part of their trails. One certainty is that pupils will never be left wondering what to do during playtimes again!


Pupils commented that they find it easy to lift and manoeuvre the blocks and planks and enjoy having full control of their play under teacher supervision. Learners have been making full use of the clear channels to create their own ball runs, water can even be used to push a ball through the course.

Our Quick and Easy Online Shop

Staff at Charlotte Infant School were very impressed with our online shop process. Ordering was easy and delivery to school was quick and efficient. Practitioners are very happy with the quality of their Play Builder Set; they commented on how well-built the pieces are and how well the components connect together.

Charlotte Infant School would definitely recommend our online shop to other schools looking for high-quality, long-lasting, investment pieces that will transform outdoor playtimes.

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