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Co-Op Academy Woodslee's new Outdoor Canopy!

A Perfect Place to Learn and Socialise underneath the new Outdoor Canopy

Seeking valuable extra space, Co-op Academy Woodslee, located in Merseyside opted for a large Freestanding Timber Canopy.

Knowledgeable Playground Consultant, Ian Wood, knew exactly how to create an extra learning and social hub that would open up a world of possibilities for the school.

The huge, Bespoke Timber Canopy is 19m by 4m and spans the length of the school building. It is situated directly next to classroom entrances, helping to create a free-flow environment.

Although a canopy may seem like a small change it can have a huge impact. Learners can freely travel between their classroom, the canopy and the playground throughout the school day.

children run out of the brand new timber canopy that they've had built in their playground

Experience the Joy of Nature in All Seasons!

A twin-wall polycarbonate roof creates a light, bright space for children to enjoy learning outdoors in the sunshine whilst being protected from harmful rays.

children sit at the tables under the shelter of the canopy

Pupils will enjoy listening to the sound of rainfall whilst staying completely dry underneath their new canopy. Our effective guttering and rainwater system ensures rain runs straight off the roof. Outdoor lessons can now take place in all seasons and will not be disrupted by inclement weather conditions.

All of our canopies are made from high quality, durable, smooth timber that will certainly stand the test of time!

children look up to the sky at the drone whilst standing inside the brand new timber canopy

A Space for Learning and Socialising

The spacious area underneath the canopy can be used by Co-op Academy in a variety of ways. Taking time to share meals and snacks together and learning to converse with one another is extremely valuable. Pupils will enjoy eating their lunch al fresco style, whilst appreciating their surroundings. When children venture outside more often, they experience the world around them and begin to observe natural phenomena, shapes, colours and patterns.

children sit inside the timber canopy with the picnic tables inside them

A Freestanding Canopy can act almost like another classroom, giving more space for collaborative learning and problem-solving activities. When learning outside, pupils are naturally more active allowing them to improve their motor skills and burn off excess energy!

Spending time outdoors can improve children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing pupils with more time for free play and helping to lower anxiety levels.

the roof is fitted to prevent water leaking through on rainy days

A Freestanding Timber Canopy is a brilliant spot to support small groups. Some pupils may require additional support or a quiet space away from the main classroom which they may find calmer and less distracting.

Pupils may gain independence by working outside under the canopy, perhaps carrying out their own research for a project, conducting a science experiment or devising their own dance.

Students at Co-op Academy Woodslee have certainly been enjoying spending quality time outside thanks to their new canopy. We hope they will continue to embrace outdoor learning long into the future.

To expand your learning space, Contact Us Today and see how you can make the most of your outdoor space!

the timber canopy stands proudly in the playground