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Culvers House School’s Active Playground Equipment

An Energising Physical Play Environent For KS1 Children 


Through the installation of an exciting range of Active Playground Equipment, we have created an energising physical play environment for the KS1 children at Culvers House Primary School.

The Surrey School contacted our expert playground consultant, Donella Felton, as they wanted to extend the physical play opportunities in their KS1 children’s playground. Donella worked closely with the primary school to design and install an exciting and inspiring active play area.

Previously, the KS1 pupils had a tired, broken trim trail, which no longer stimulated them during outdoor play. Now, they can enjoy an interesting and energetic playtime every day.

A Huge Climbing Frame


The school’s senior leadership team wanted the new area to have a statement piece that would truly increase the enthusiasm levels about active play for the young children. In order to do so, we installed our magnificent Bowfell Climber with Platform and Slide.

The new climbing frame includes a range of obstacles such as vertical climbing walls and a slide attached to our exciting Bowfell Climber by a platform, which not only enhances children’s key physical skills, but also sparks imaginative play games.

School Playground Climbing Frames

As the children climb up the vertical walls, traverse across the logs and ropes and slip down the slides, they are developing their upper and lower body strength, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance and cardiovascular fitness. It’s a full body workout through climbing, jumping, balancing, gripping and grasping!

Once let loose in the area, the children run straight for the climbing frame to swing and jump through the logs before flying down the slide!

Climbing Frames For KS1

Energising Trim Trail Equipment


To create an energising active play area that included a selection of challenges, we surrounded the amazing climbing frame with a stimulating range of Trim Trail Equipment: enabling little monkeys to traverse through a forest where the trees and branches got progressively more challenging.

Trim  Trail Equipment For KS1

Making up the new adventure trail is a variety of challenges, including:

  • Timber Climbing Wall
  • Climbing Poles
  • Swinging Log Traverse
  • Rope Swing Traverse
  • Rubber Stepping logs

The children are able to take on the challenging adventure trail, travelling across the many obstacles, climbing cliffs and balancing before making it to the end of the jungle. They love participating in imaginative play games as they use the energising active play area.

School Playground Trim Trail Equipment

The KS1 children absolutely love the new playground. When asked by Donella what they thought about the area, one of the year 2 children had this to say about their new equipment:

“It’s super good because nothings broken now!”

If you’d like to re-vitalise your playground with exciting Active Play Equipment, please Contact Us for a free, no obligation quotation. We’d love to help extend the physical play opportunities at your school, too!

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