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Outdoor Classroom Excitement for Ewloe Green Primary School

Exciting Times at Ewloe Green

Ewloe Green contacted Pentagon Play looking to create an outdoor cabin, where pupils could enjoy their lessons in a new and engaging environment. 
Changes in learning space can be instrumental in keeping children focused and concentrating on the task at hand. 

Working closely with Outdoor Learning Consultant, Tom Hollingworth, Ewloe Green created an outdoor learning environment like no other! 

 An Outdoor Science Cabin for Ewloe

It was important for Ewloe have a sheltered outdoor learning space where pupils could enjoy full lessons, whilst also being closer to nature and the outdoors. 
One of the best lessons to learn outside, because of the interactive opportunities available, is science! 
Pupils can learn about the weather, discover interesting facts about nature and perform practical science experiments!

Our Outdoor Science Cabin is the ideal solution. 

Pupils can move easily from indoors to out for engaging and interactive lessons! 

Our Science Cabin comes with Integrated Storage meaning it operates as a full classroom, as you can store everything you need for your lesson there, instead of carrying resources backwards and forwards. 

An outdoor science cabin for primary schools

The interior features bench seating and a project table where pupils can collaborate on fun projects and build core personal, social and emotional skills. 

An Outdoor Classroom Hub

Another space that Ewloe Green wanted to create was a ‘Humanities Area’, where a multitude of lessons and classes could be held. To this end, they added 5 Gazebos to their space, each with a different purpose and acting as a different zone. 

First, they added a 6m Octagonal Gazebo that seats 50. 

Inside the outdoor gazebo in a primary school setting

This space features 7 benches and can be used for learning or during breaktime. 

This Gazebo also has a decked base, so it is usable all year round, despite muddy fields and a Giant Whiteboard, for illustrations and notes! 

The school also added 4 3.5m Hexagonal Gazebos, which can be used for lessons, group work or breakout spaces. 

A side view of the smaller gazebo in a primary school setting

Each Gazebo can seat around 30 pupils, meaning whole classes can use these spaces and get a breath of fresh air in the middle of the school day. 

The Gazebos each have 5 benches within them, as well as a Giant Whiteboard, meaning it is a fully-usable classroom space. 

The school also added some seating in the form of Artificial Grass-Topped Seats, meaning seating can be added to any zone when required. The movable seating gives flexibility in how you want your pupils to work! 

This was such a fun and unique project for our team to work on and we loved getting to create a versatile outdoor learning space! 

Outdoor gazebos for primary schools

If you would like to add to your space with an Outdoor Classroom, then Contact Us Today for a free consultation. 

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