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A Huge Sporting Space for the Stars of Feversham Primary Academy

Feversham Primary's brand new MUGA!

It was a pleasure to work with the outstanding Feversham Primary Academy in Bradford to create a huge sporting space for their pupils.

Feversham now have an inspiring MUGA which promotes the importance of regular physical activity and encourages pupils to lead healthy lifestyles.

a birdseye view of the muga

A Space for Everyone to Feel Included

The huge pitch covers an area of 31.5m x 20m allowing plenty of room for everybody to be included in matches. We created vivid, white inlaid football lines to help pupils adhere to the rules of the game. Striking red markings create rounders boxes and bases and a separate netball court has yellow line markings, allowing children to take part in a variety of different sports.

children play on the muga with the cones and ball

Feversham Academy is now the envy of surrounding schools. Everybody wants to take part in competitive games at Feversham! The new space allows the school to offer a wider variety of sports to their pupils both in school time and during after-school clubs.

children play football on the new muga

A Truly Super Surfacing Option

To create the new MUGA pitch we installed our durable 4G Artificial Grass. The space now has a natural, bright and striking appearance which appeals to pupils. Strong and robust, yet soft to the touch and perfect for children to sit on we are confident that our surfacing really stands the test of time.

Our Artificial Grass covers a large area at Feversham Primary as we extended the surfacing to the areas outside of the classrooms. This has made a huge difference to the aesthetic of the space. It looks clean, fresh and ready for action!

children compete against one another in a football match on their new MUGA

More Time Outdoors for All

Artificial Grass Surfacing allows play to take place no matter what the weather! It is porous and free-draining which means it won’t become water logged or slippery and mud will never halt play again. Our Artificial Grass is easy to maintain and provides a soft, safe surface that is ideal for sporting activity. Pupils will be able to access and make full use of their new play space during all seasons.

children play with a blue and white football on the green MUGA

Promoting Physical Fitness

Pupils at Feversham now have a designated space which encourages physical activity on a daily basis.  Engaging in sporting activities helps to improve children’s fitness, muscle and bone strength and quality of sleep.

a birdseye view of the green MUGA with 4G artificial grass

When children are more active, they feel ready to learn and concentrate and are able to focus for longer periods of time. Pupils at Feversham are leading healthy lifestyles by taking part in active lessons and break times as well as after school clubs and organised sporting events thanks to their new MUGA pitch.

We are confident that Feversham Primary’s new MUGA provides pupils with an active start to their school life. PE lessons can now take place on a superb space and children will reap the benefits of regular exercise. Pupils have been provided with an area that allows them to become healthier, both mentally and physically, which can help to lead to excellent academic achievement.

a birdseye view of the MUGA from above the goal end

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