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Fishwick Primary School's EYFS Climbing Frame

A Stimulating Climbing Frame For EYFS 


Fishwick Primary School contacted us after their old climbing equipment was deemed dangerous and unusable. They wanted the equipment removed and replaced with a new active resource suitable for the youngest children at the school.

We worked closely with the Preston-based primary school to meet their needs: replacing the existing equipment with a stimulating challenge that would further develop their children’s key physical skills.

We chose to install our  Harter Fell Log Climbing Frame with Platform and Climbing Net  amongst the schools existing trim trail equipment, creating a full circuit of challenges.

eyfs playground equipment

The new climbing frame has been a massive hit on the playground! The children love scrambling across the climbing net and reaching the lookout point on the higher platform.

Whether their hanging from the ropes or traversing across the logs, the children are constantly developing their fine motor and gross motor skills.

Our climber will develop children's core stability, upper and lower body strength, coordination, balance, grip and grasp skills.

climbing frame eyfs

While being an excellent resource for physical development, our climber also helps develops children's teamwork, communication and understanding the world through turn taking.

Featuring den space underneath, the children have a hidden area to relax and socialise away from the physical activities above.

climbing frame for eyfs

To make the area safe for risk taking, we installed blue Wet Pour Playground Surfacing to protects children from inevitable falls. Using a vibrant blue colour, children can play pretend and imagine the climber is a ship or island in the middle of the sea.

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Fishwick Primary School