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Flying High Academy’s Playground Equipment

Enhancing Outdoor Play With Energising Playground Equipment


We worked with Flying High Academy Ladybrook, based in Nottinghamshire, earlier on in 2019. This project saw the installation of an exciting Trim Trail at the Academy to develop the children’s key physical skills.

The school were so impressed with our workmanship and service that they returned to us for 4 other exciting projects: EYFS Playground Equipment, KS1 Active Play Area, Outdoor Classroom and Amphitheatre.

Our playground consultant, Dan Young, was thrilled to be able to work with the school to transform their outdoor visions into a reality once again.

The objectives of these projects were:

  • Provide access to a range of different play equipment that isn’t available in the local area.
  • Develop coordination and balance.
  • Act as a reward system on occasions for the children.
  • Instil a greater level of pride within the school.

Playground Equipment

EYFS Play Equipment


Within the Early Years playground, the school decided to install a magnificent Modular Play Tower along with a decorative and educational selection of playground markings.

The school’s brand new Kenilworth Play Tower has been a huge hit with the children. They love scrambling up the climbing wall, stairs or climbing net before racing down the slide.

Not only has it enhanced the children’s key physical skills such as upper and lower body strength, fine and gross motor skills, coordination and balance, it has also enhanced the children’s imaginative play games as they use the tower to inspire their creative play.  `

playground tower

Underneath the equipment, we surfaced the area with our vibrant Artificial Grass Playground Surfacing. The surfacing is impact absorbing and free draining, which enables the children to take safe risks and use the area all year round.

We installed a selection of colourful Playground Markings including numbers and bright blue splashes. The new equipment has created an energising area which also develops the children’s mathematical skills as they involve the markings in their imaginative play games.

Playground Surfacing

KS1 Active Play Area


The KS1 children have also had a brand new active play area installed in their playground. Presenting the children with more physical play opportunities is our amazing Bowfell Climber with Platform and Slide.

This structure, featuring multiple physical challenges, allows the children to test themselves appropriately for their age and skill set.

Imaginative play and physical development have been enhanced for the KS1 children as they climb and traverse across the equipment. As it is a non-prescriptive challenge, the children can climb in anyway they wish and as high they feel comfortable with. Their confidence, communication and language skills develop as they fail and succeed with determination and support one another.  

playground equipment for schools

Again, we installed our brilliant artificial grass surfacing with another varied selection of playground markings in the grass. This lovely impact absorbing surfacing enables the children to use the equipment no matter the weather, while the amazing playground markings encourages the children to play physical and imaginative play games.

The unique design of the Mirror Me Playground Markings inspires the children to play imaginative games, such as ‘Simon says’, and use the colourful patterns to develop their own games. Not only are these a lot of fun, they can develop their coordination and teamwork skills at the same time. 

Climbing Frames For Schools

A 7.5m Outdoor Classroom


A brand new Gazebo has been installed on the school grounds. This magnificent timber structure is 7.5m including benches and a chalkboard, meaning teachers at the school can take over a full class of children outdoors into a sheltered environment to participate in lessons.

During playtime, the children have been enjoying playing, relaxing and socialising in the classroom, playing games like ‘teacher’, reading and chatting amongst themselves.

This wonderful classroom has created an amazing outdoor area for the children to learn in the fresh air, away from the constraints of an indoor space. Alongside the breeze and the birds happily chirping, children find participating in lessons outdoors calming and relaxing.

Outdoor Gazebo For Schools



In another area of the school, we have installed a wonderful Amphitheatre underneath the trees, made up of Perch Benches, a Freestanding Storytelling Chair and Chalkboard.

The children have a shaded area to relax and read outdoors underneath the canopy of the trees.

This is also a fantastic place for assembly and lessons to be taken outdoors.

Playground Seating

Teachers explained to Dan that the children’s behaviour at both playtime and lunch time has improved, since they now have a selection of different equipment to keep them occupied and active.

The children have been learning about respect when it comes to turn taking and looking after their new equipment. The school’s play leaders, who monitor the use of the equipment, have been given more responsibility as they ensure the areas are being used safely.

Playground Equipment For Early Years

The school are more than happy with their development and William Burke, the project manager, had this to say:

“Pentagon have been amazing from start to finish. From speaking to Dan for the initial design, everything was taken into account and we felt like we were really involved in the process. Any changes that we wanted making were done so effectively and the designs were promptly returned. We were constantly updated throughout the process with timescales which made it easier to allow the install to happen effectively. The workmen themselves were polite, did an amazing job and were great with the kids. Any questions the children had they answered and always had a smile on their faces (even during a storm!) After the project was signed off, the after service has been amazing, any concerns were quickly addressed and we are very happy with the work that has been carried out.”

If you would like help transforming your school playground to meet your needs or transform a playground vision into reality, please feel free to Contact Us Here. Alternatively, you can view our full range of Playground Equipment here.

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