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A Crazy Climbing Frame for Framwellgate Moor Primary School!

Crinkle Crags Chaos at Framwellgate Moor Primary!  

Looking to create an engaging active play space for their KS2 pupils, Framwellgate Moor Primary had their sights set on a Crinkle Crags Climber from day one!  

Outdoor Learning Consultant, Greg Gavin, worked closely with the team at the school to ensure that this space would be a good fit for them and how they could incorporate this space onto their playground safely and seamlessly.  

Our biggest climbing frame of all, this will be a challenge for the pupils here but we’re sure that it will keep them entertained for years to come! 

Climbing Walls Full of Colour 

One of the best features of this multi-aspect climber are the multiple colourful Climbing Walls.  

Decorated in an array of neon colours, pupils will be able to build their climbing skills by using their ability to give instructions. They can navigate their way across using instructions from their classmates such as ‘Move to the yellow step on your right’, ‘Place your left hand on the green rock to your upper left’. 

children play on the crinkle crags climber and smile at the camera as some climb the wall, some stand on the platform and one tries to go down the fireman's pole

These are great skills to learn and will keep their brains stimulated whilst also keeping them physically active!  

There are three climbing areas on this one frame, all with different levels of climbing challenges… 

Pupils will be climbing aficionados in no time! 

little boys run around on the artificial grass playturf in front of the crinkle crags climbing frame

A Fireperson’s Pole with a mission! 

This fire person's pole is a great addition to this Crinkle Crags Climber!  

Whilst initially, this feature may seem limited and not very challenging for pupils, it is full of learning potential!  

a little boy goes down the fireperson's pole onto the artificial grass below whilst his classmates play around him

Pupils will master their turn-taking skills as they develop their ability to communicate their wishes and balance their time on the play frame equally. 

Everyone will be able to have a go on this fantastic climbing frame! 

It is also great for developing pupil imagination as they will create their very own stories as they slide down this fire person’s pole to the bottom.

children run around on the green artificial grass around the crinkle crags climbing frame

They’ll be no more climbing conundrums 

Not forgetting the main mission of this climbing frame-the climber!  

Designed for a range of ages to be able to build their climbing skills, this climber is perfect for KS2 pupils as it challenges them enough to prevent them from getting bored yet gives them a safe space to do this. 

children climb on the net and timber climber on the side of the crinkle crags platform

There are ropes above with handles where pupils can seek support should they struggle, preventing them from taking a tumble! 

This will be such an exciting challenge for them and we’re sure their confidence on this frame will grow rapidly.  

children run around on the playturf in blue school uniform whilst others play on the crinkle crags timber climbing frame

 The Grass is sometimes greener on the other side!  

To provide some protection should any pupils take a bump, Greg Gavin advised the school to install a layer of Artificial Grass Playturf with Shock Pad Surfacing beneath!  

This not only adds that level of security beneath the frame, but it also adds to the vibrant and fresh feeling of the playground!   

This area now looks revitalized and full of life, the perfect place for pupils to play! 

children run around on the artificial grass playturf

We are so thrilled that KS2 at Framwellgate Manor now has this active play space to enjoy as the weather improves! 

This is such a fab place they have now to enjoy through the spring and summer term!  

If you would like to refresh your play space, contact us today and discuss your options! 

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