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Extra Learning Space in Hollycombe Primary School's Gazebo

Hollycombe Primary School’s New Gazebo


Hollycombe Primary School, based in the beautiful South Downs National Park area of West Sussex, were determined to extend their outdoor provision by creating a practical and multi-purpose fresh air learning space that could be utilised throughout the seasons.

Donella Felton, one of our expert playground consultants, was delighted to be able to work alongside this rural, small village school to help bring their playground dream to life by installing a made to specification outdoor gazebo.

The Outdoor Gazebo


As the rural school is in a small village, their school grounds are beautifully landscaped with open fields and gardens!

The school decided that their new environment would be best suited on a plain grass area, surrounded by the canopy of the trees.

A side view of the new outdoor gazebo at hollycombe primary school

Due to the location, it was important the new space would look as natural as possible and blend in flawlessly with its environment.

With this in mind, we installed a 6m Gazebo with a variety of features to ensure it would create a practical and multi-purpose fresh air learning space, including:

  • A green watertight roof to match the environment and keep pupils dry during periods of poor weather
  • Rainwater System and Water butt for added opportunities for scientific learning about the water life cycle
  • Cladding and Gazing to ensure the weather will never interrupt outdoor lessons
  • Double Doors and Wheelchair Accessible Ramp to enable every pupil, parent, and teacher to use the environment
  • Decked Base to keep the learning environment mud-free
  • Internal Seating and Work Benches which create a comfortable and practical space for children to rest their workbooks and listen to the lesson being taught
  • Chalkboard to make teaching lessons and presenting information for all to see easy

Inside the outdoor gazebo at hollycombe primary school,  teacher is drawing on the giant chalk board and children at sat around the outside on benched which timber desks in front of them.

The gazebo looks very attractive as it has been built out of natural timber and features a green roof, blending in flawlessly with the rural environment!

The outdoor classroom can be used for a multitude of activities from lessons amongst nature to fresh air meetings and even as a parent waiting space during pick up and drop off times.

 This fantastic space has taken away the constraints of the indoor classroom and created a thriving working environment for all pupils, whilst extending the number of usable classroom space the school can utilise.

Inside the gazebo at hollycombe primary school, 9 children looking at the chalk board and one teacher accompanying them.

The children have commented on how much they love learning outdoors, and the parents are thankful to have a dry place to wait and socialise with one another at the start and end of the school day.

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A front view of the new gazebo at hollycombe primary school, flags are outside the doors.