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Hutton Henry School’s Playground Equipment

Extending the Physical Play and Sporting Opportunities For KS1 and KS2 


Hutton Henry CE Primary School, located in Cleveland, contacted us as they wanted to extend the physical play and sporting opportunities presented to their children.

Additionally, they wanted a space which could be left open during the evenings and school holidays that the local community could access and benefit from, too.

Greg Gavin, our North East playground consultant, worked closely with the school to install an energising trim trail and MUGA to meet their outdoor needs.

Trim Trail


We installed our adventurous Junior Trail 1, with the adaptation of Climbing Poles, to extend the physical play opportunities presented to the children attending the school and in the local community.

The new trim trail is made up of seven different obstacles that can successfully challenge KS2 children while providing young children with challenges to overcome.

Trim Trails For Schools

Furthermore, it provides children of all ages with the opportunity to test and enhance their balance, overall body strength, core stability, coordination, fine and gross motor skill development.

The school children and local community love whizzing along the trail as they compete against each other to see who can complete the trail the fastest!

School Playground Trim Trails



We created a natural looking Multi-Use Games Area to extend the sporting opportunities presented to the children, installing a dedicated space for games of Football to take place on a natural grass pitch.

Through the addition of our Timber Football Goal Ends, the children have an area to participate in the healthy sport without having to pile jumpers on the ground to create their goals. With the new Goal Ends, they can easily determine a goal since they have permanent nets to aim for and score.

Football Goal Ends

The natural looking goal ends have not only provided a space for sporting activities to take place, they have also enhanced the school’s sporting provision because they have been inviting other local primary schools to participate in friendly games against their mixed team: battling it out to see who’s team is the best and what sporting skills they need to concentrate on before their next match.

Local aspiring footballers have also been getting together in the evenings and weekends to play small 5-a-side matches against one another in a safe space.

Goals For Schools

The new pitch has not only been developing the school children’s key physical skills, including fundamental movement skills, sportsmanship and sporting skills, but also the local communities!

If you’d like to extend the physical play and sporting opportunities presented to your school children through the addition of a fantastic MUGA or Trim Trail, please feel free to Contact Us for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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