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Kyson Primary School’s Grizedale Forest Circuit

An Impressive Adventure Playground for KS1 and KS2


Determined to inspire imaginative play and provide more physical play opportunities for all children throughout the school, Kyson Primary School in Suffolk contacted us to help upgrade their playground!

Marion Rolph, one of our expert playground consultants, met with the school’s passionate headteacher, Tom Gunson, to discuss their outdoor play needs.

After seeing our Grizedale Forest Circuit, the school fell in love with the extravagant climbing frame!

Pentagon Play's grizedale forest circuit installed onto the school playground with artificial grass underneath

A Forest Circuit for both Thrill Seekers and Cautious Climbers


Standing tall and proud on the school’s field, our Grizedale Forest Circuit has created an impressive adventure playground for the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children.

A child in a black school uniform hanging on a triangular climbing wall on pentagon plays grizedale forest circuit

Featuring dozens of crossing and traversing points for the children to travel to and from, and never-seen-before obstacles, children’s enthusiasm and excitement levels are through the roof exploring the huge frame.

Forest challenges transport the children deep down into the jungle. There’s rope tunnels to crawl through, tightropes to balance across, nets to scramble across, ropes to swing from and walls to scale!

Two children in black uniforms traversing across an inclined climbing wall installed on the school playground

With so many different traversing points, children have to use every part of their body to navigate the various levels: improving both fine and gross motor skills, balance, proprioception, strength and core stability as they move through the tree and vine obstacles.

Child in school uniform balancing across a horizontal log bridge crossing on pentagon plays grizedale forest circuit

A whole class of children can participate in classic playtime games as the Artificial Grass Surfacing turns to lava or they scramble across the challenges playing tig.

There really isn’t a limit to the imaginative games the children can invent and play using the forest circuit as a focal point!

Four children in black school uniforms playing on pentagon plays grizedale forest circuit

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A child balancing across a horizontal log bridge crossing on pentagon plays grizedale forest circuit