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Leamington Primary Academy's Play Castle!

Welcome to Leamington Castle Playspace

Perfect for imaginative play and physical exercise, Leamington Primary Academy now has its own Langley Play Castle for all pupils to enjoy.

Headteacher, Kaye McGuire, met with Playground Consultant, Daniel Young to design an exciting, energetic space that will enhance children’s physical, imaginative and creative play.

Sitting proudly on the school playing field, Leamington Castle certainly has the ‘Wow Factor!’ The impressive structure stands 1.5m tall and is large enough for whole classes throughout the school to navigate freely and enjoy using the equipment together. The castle is made from high-pressure treated, play-grade timber creating a sturdy, durable piece that will excite many pupils over the coming years. There is a climbing wall, net and twisted tube slide with many opportunities for children to run, climb and jump.

The castle allows pupils to access different heights. Royal subjects may enjoy peering through the portholes windows to gain a better view of the Kingdom before making their grand exit down the fireman’s pole. Once the ladder and the climbing ramp have been conquered pupils will enjoy peering through the various lookout points.

a child goes down the green slide

Let Imaginations Soar

There are plenty of different entry and exit points located within the tower offering different levels of challenge. Children are encouraged to be physically active by improving their strength, stability and motor skills.

children climb up both the steps and the scramble climbing net

The area underneath the castle can also be fully utilised and encourages children to create their own imaginative games. Will it become a dragon’s lair, a hidden tunnel or a secret treasure trove? Pupils are always extremely excited and inspired when playing on the castle. Play takes on the form of stories, adventures, seeking games and traditional tales. Language skills are developed as children practise re-telling, use new vocabulary and experiment with language, tone of voice and intonation.

children climb up the climbing net to the castle

Directly underneath the castle we installed Terracotta Playbond. The surfacing is porous and free-draining allowing the area around the castle to be clean, safe and mud free! Playbond is also impact absorbing which protects children if any falls and trips should occur.

Plenty of Possibilities

The large deck space at the top of the castle would be a fantastic spot to enjoy shared story time together and would help to generate some great ideas during group writing. Pupils could enjoy some impressive views during snack time or during quiet activities such as board games or listening exercises.

Leamington Castle provides a welcome break for some pupils allowing them to recharge and fully concentrate when learning in a classroom environment.

Pupils will enjoy using the castle throughout the changing seasons. Bugs can be hunted and birds and trees can be viewed from the turrets. Pupils will want to spend as much time outside in nature as possible, exploring their very own fortress!

a child crosses the top of the langley play castle

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