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A Tailored Space for the Under 2’s at Matthew Arnold

A Tailored Space for the Under 2’s

Looking to update their existing Under 2’s area into a more friendly and engaging space, Matthew Arnold Primary contacted Pentagon Play for some guidance and support.

Working alongside Outdoor Learning Consultant, Ian Wood, Matthew Arnold created a bright zone for a variety of different play types.

See how Pentagon Play can help your school develop a nursery outdoor play area, perfect for your pupils!

Investigation and Creation Station

Looking to create a zone for investigative play, it was important for Matthew Arnold to include a Mud Kitchen and Mud Box for the children to explore.

children stand around the mud box and mud kitchen

Messy Play Ideas for Under 2’s can be hard to come up with, especially as they’re very curious and often want to move freely between activities. Creating a child-led play environment gives pupils an abundance of opportunities!

The Messy Play Table on Wheels is a multi-purpose space where children can mix mud, sand, water, paint, slime and more to explore their sensory skills and build their understanding of the world.

children mill around the water and messy play table

Or, if the teachers prefer to create specific zones of messy play, they also have a Water Table on Wheels and a Sand Table on Wheels where they can go for targeted messy play!

If messy play isn’t their thing, then there is also the art space for them to explore and enjoy.

Pupils can doodle on the Easel on Wheels and  paint until their heart's content with their new Interactive Paint Panel on Wheels!

Maybe they’ll discover the new Banksy!

two little girls stand in front of the paint panel and use sponges to paint

Confident Climbers

Children love to climb and explore, so providing a safe environment for them to do so is key!

Our active nursery outdoor play equipment features many different choices for targeting pupils’ physical development needs!

children run over the playground mounds in the artificial grass and the tunnel hill

Matthew Arnold selected our Get Set, Go! Blocks- The Mendips Set to encourage their pupils to jump, crawl and run confidently and carefully.

For those pupils ready to brave something more challenging, they have a Pinnacle Hill Climber designed to support their physical development and muscular strength!

This is a great climbing facility for pupils to explore risk-taking and balance.

two little girls run over the playground mounds on the ground underneath the artificial grass

A Bright Wetpour Design

This new wetpour design on the surface of Matthew Arnold’s play space creates a space for endless activities for under 2’s!

children scoot around on their scooters around the wetpour roadway

The Wetpour Roadway can be used with bikes, scooters, trikes and more. Pupils will work together to construct stories of play in the new interactive space, using other play resources as props.

With this new nursery role play area, children can explore their imagination and creativity!

a child sits on a red scooter and scoots around the roadway

If you’re looking for support with your nursery outdoor play area ideas, then Contact Us Today and chat through your thoughts with one of our In-House Learning and Play Advisors…

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children sit on the walk and talk seating circle and read books