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The Online Shop Experience for Boat House Day Nursery

The Customer

The Kids Zone Nursery Group are a multi-award winning nursery group that is led by Carole Melia and her fantastic team, who are aiming to create nurseries that support children's development whilst creating fun and engaging environments.

2 children are walking across a wooden plank which is connected to two wooden blocks. One child is on the floor and is connecting another wooden plank to a block to create a bridge.

With a total of over 750 children attending the 8 nurseries across Greater Manchester, Kids Zone is becoming a giant within the industry. With hundreds of glowing reviews from parents and great Ofsted reports, it's no surprise why Kids Zone nurseries are in such high demand.

Working closely with the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), Kids Zone are always looking for ways to enhance the development and education of their children in early years. Due to this aim, Kids Zone attended the NMT conference to look for new ways to enhance their settings.

Meeting The Customer

Pentagon Play were invited to attend the NMT conference in March 2024. Lucy Cooke and Maddy McGuire, members of the Digital Sales Team, were running the Pentagon Play stand when Carole Melia (Director of Kids Zone) and Joanne Swindells (Child Development Manager) approached us.

Joanne showed a real interest in one of our most popular products, the Play Builder Apprentice Set (she even had a little go herself!). After talking to Joanne, it was clear that the Boat House Day Nursery wanted to improve its outdoor resources and provide more opportunities for children to develop vital skills.

A little girl is playing with wooden planks and boxes from the Play Builder set. She is kneeling down and placing one hand on a plank and the other on her knee. The Play Builder set is laid out on a wetpour surface.

As our meeting was on a time limit, we passed on our contact information to both Joanne and Carole and were excited to start building a strong relationship with them.

The Ordering Process

Over the next few weeks, Lucy was always available to answer any questions or queries that Kids Zone had. At Pentagon Play, we always put the customer first and want to make sure we can help in any way possible.

After talking for a while, Lucy approached Joanne with an interesting offer. Pentagon Play had recently created the EYFS Picnic Table and were looking for an opportunity to test it in a live nursery environment.

The EYFS Picnic Table. It has a white tabletop with natural wood colouring everywhere else. The Early Years Picnic Table can seat up to 4 children.

Once Lucy explained this fantastic opportunity, Joanne was ecstatic to be given this chance. She immediately said yes and even told us that she was ordering the Sports Premium Adventurer Package through our Online Shop.

Due to the simple navigation of the Online Shop and the quick delivery times, nurseries like Boat House Day find this the perfect service for them. All of our equipment on the Online Shop comes fully assembled and is freestanding, allowing a nursery to move the equipment whenever they please.

Through the entire process, our fantastic Digital Sales team were constantly in contact with Kids Zone and building a strong relationship with them. Pentagon Play always want to add a bespoke element to every interaction, so we decided to hand deliver Boat House Day's equipment to make their customer journey more personal as we provide a premium service to those Nurseries we create partnerships with. 

Sports Premium Adventurer Package

Being the smallest package out of our Sports Premium Sets, the Sports Premium Adventurer package contains the Get Set, Go! Blocks Pennine Set and the Play Builder Apprentice set. It's perfect for a smaller nursery that are looking to integrate this package into their outdoor provisions. With Boat House Day Nursery being a smaller nursery, this set was perfect for them!

A group of children are completing an obstacle course made from wooden planks and wooden blocks. Some of the wooden blocks are black with artificial grass laid on top of them. The children are in a single file line.

Boat House Day Nursery wanted equipment that would be safe on a hard surface, which made the Sports Premium Adventurer package more attractive

All of our products listed on the Online Shop are all under the minimum fall height, meaning the equipment is safe for any hard or soft playground surface. The Play Builder planks can be moved to a lower level for children who might be scared of the height and allow them to build confidence slowly.

The artificial grass to the tops of the Get Set, Go! Blocks added some natural colours to the playground, whilst making the blocks stand out even more. The Nursery is located in a town centre so their playground didn't have any grass. By adding these natural-looking Get Set, Go! Blocks, the Nursery had a nice burst of colour added to their outdoor area.

A group of children are picking up wooden planks and blocks as they move them around a playground to create an obstacle course. The children look excited and happy as they build.

Due to the strong materials that the Sports Premium Adventurer Package is made of, children can carefully play with the equipment in all weathers. The equipment eliminates the worry of any nasty falls/slips due to the great coating over the entire equipment.

EYFS Picnic Table

A new and exclusive entry to the Online Shop, the EYFS Picnic Table has received a lot of positive attention from our clients.

Being a perfect piece of equipment for nurseries and early years provisions, this durable and sturdy table can be used for a variety of different activities. From playing board games to eating, the EYFS Picnic table is a versatile piece of furniture.

3 children are drawing and colouring in on the EYFS Picnic Bench. The bench is placed on top of a hard surface. The top of the table is covered in paper and pencils.

Seating up to 4 children, Boat House Day Nursery used their EYFS Picnic Table during different lessons but loved using it as an art station! Children can be seen creating their own pieces of art as they sit comfortably at the table. If Kids Zone decided to buy more, they could create an amazing movable seating area outside.

When asked about the table, the Nursery said that they loved it and how it's a great addition to their setting as it's the perfect size for younger children. After hearing this, we were so happy that we gave Boat House Day Nursery this equipment to test!

The Rockies

Set to launch in the near future, we decided to offer Boat House Day Nursery the opportunity to test our latest piece of play equipment. The Rockies is an exciting piece of equipment that will test a child's balance and coordination as they try to stay still, or pretend that they're a surfer hitting a big wave!

A child is trying to balance on a board which is connected to two wooden blocks, creating a platform for rocking on. The child is sticking his arms out to try and balance whilst looking down at his feet.

Boat House Day Nursery loved the piece of equipment, with the children all wanting to test it. The children had fun creating trails with the different sizes of blocks and wobbling on the balance board. The nursery provided valuable feedback that will help us improve this piece of equipment and make it a great asset to any Nursery playground.

The Results

From all the positive feedback we received, it's safe to say that Boat House Day Nursery were blown away by the quality of both the Sports Premium Adventurer Package and the EYFS Picnic Table. Not only did the children enjoy the equipment, but so did the adults! They were amazed to see the children coming out of their comfort zones and displaying their creativity and problem solving skills.

Child connecting a wooden plank to the wooden block contained in the Play Builder sets. Two other children are watching.

Not only was the nursery happy with the products, but they were wowed with the care and services that our Digital Sales team showed!

At Pentagon Play, we always aim to create powerful partnerships with nurseries by providing exclusive access to new products, product testing opportunities and bespoke offers. If you're interested, why not get in touch today and see how our team can help your nursery environment become an engaging and fun environment, like at Boat House Day Nursery