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An Outdoor Learning Area in Cardiff

An Outdoor Learning Area in Cardiff

In the glorious region of South Wales, the home of the red dragon, stunning beaches, and fabulous architecture, we are expanding our playground offerings!

Working with the fabulous Ninian Park Primary School of Cardiff, our playground consultant, Chloe Pope, was thrilled to be a part of such an exciting Outdoor Classroom Project.

Looking to expand their learning space, Ninian Park elected to go for a bespoke outdoor learning space that gives pupils a safe and engaging study environment, perfect for students of all ages!


It’s a space saving dream


Children often find themselves sitting in the same classroom day after day as their attention begins to wander.

A change in space can be hugely influential to their desire and enthusiasm to learn!

a group of children in blue and black school uniform and a male teacher in red and black clothing stand and kneel respectively having a conversation whilst standing on the green artificial grass in front of the gable end canopy with red roof

With the Bespoke 10m x 5m Gable End Canopy with Ramp, Ninian Park Primary School can now invite their pupils to take a break from the classic learning environment and enjoy the fresh air whilst they learn!

Classes can now be taken outside, under a secure shelter to protect them from the elements and with an accessible ramp, making the space ideal for all pupils!

children in blue and black school uniform gather around a timber picnic table within the outdoor classroom playing with colourful toys on the table

Take a seat and enjoy the space


Complete with six Picnic Tables, perfect for pupils to come together and work on group projects or chat about their day, this learning space couldn’t be more suited to the needs of Ninian Park Primary.

These tables also provide a lovely outdoor space for little learners to gather for their lunchtimes, whatever the weather- just remember to bring your coats in the winter!

a group of little boys in royal blue school jumpers and black trousers gather in the outdoor classroom around a timber picnic table and play with coloured blocks, there are colourful hula hoops to the side also but they are not being played with

Crafted from high pressure treated timber, ideal for play, this comes together to create a wonderful social area for your pupils, parents, and teachers.

It can even be used as an excellent community space for events and fundraising, Ninian Park will become a social hub in no time!

The pictures show six timber picnic tables within the outdoor classroom empty and unoccupied

It’s a surfacing re-model!


Ninian Park is now a place plentiful of surfacing with a fresh layer of Playturf Artificial Grass and a magnificent Grey Wetpour Roadway that is sure to boost the pupils’ imaginations!

With our stunning forest green Playturf, this play area looks full of life and is a much more inviting environment for pupils to enjoy.

children in blue and black school uniform gather in a semi-circle on the green artificial playturf whilst talking to a teacher who is wearing red trousers

The Grey Wetpour Roadway also adds an exciting feel to the space allowing little ones to engage their imaginations and creativity as they race around!

Will they compete in the primary school grand prix, or will they be too busy reading their book on the comfy and luscious grass, perfect for lounging or play?

This is such an exciting learning environment for the pupils of Ninian Park Primary School, and we were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of it!

the picture shows the green artificial grass surfacing and the grey wetpour roadway with the gable end classroom in the background

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children play on the crates that they have placed on the green artificial grass surfacing