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An Outstanding Environment for Staplegrove CE Primary School

Breathtaking Play and Learning Spaces for Pupils of All Ages


Staplegrove Primary School’s playground has been completely transformed with the installation of a new outdoor learning space, an adventurous trail and a platform for performances.

Our playground consultant, Nicole Fairman was excited to work with Headteacher, Lesley Grant and a team of lead teachers to create an outdoor space for teaching and learning as well as physical activity.

children balancing on stepping logs apart of a trim trail challenge

A Multi-Use Classroom Space


It was decided that our 6M Octagonal Gazebo would create the perfect outdoor classroom as it can be accessed throughout the academic year. Lessons can be conducted outside, within nature, as up to 50 children can sit comfortably across seven benches.

There is no danger of muddy footprints once back in school, as the gazebo is fitted with a decked base and the waterproof roof and picket fencing provides shelter and shade from the elements.

a outdoor gazbeo built by pentagon play with a decked base and step

A giant chalkboard on the central wall of the gazebo allows teachers to model and explain in whole class lessons or group sessions. It can be used by children during playtimes which develops skills in mark making and creativity and it can be utilised as a display board during school gatherings.

Easily accessed by all year groups throughout school, the gazebo, is proving to be a lovely spot for quiet reflection during playtimes and lunchtimes. Staplegrove Primary has strong links with parents and the community of Taunton therefore it is hoped that the outdoor gazebo will be a meeting hub for future events.

5 children sat on the internal benches of a 6m Gazebo

Conquering The New Trail Together


In the shaded area surrounding the gazebo, we installed our Infant Trim Trail 2.

This is an ideal course to promote climbing confidence in young children and includes a mixture of 8 challenges. Teams of children can work together to tackle the twist net, balance on the beam and travel across the wall. Core strength is needed to cross the tightrope bridge and careful placement of hands and feet is considered.

Pupils at Staplegrove have been setting their own competitions and challenges as they scramble and leap through the course. Children can safely explore a range of heights as they problem solve and learn to persevere.

Children tackling pentagon plays infant trim trail 2

Little Stars Have a Space to Perform


Next to the trail we built a bespoke version of our Performance Stage for little stars to enjoy singing, dancing and acting together. Having an outdoor stage allows children to experiment with the range of their voices and gives them creative freedom to move and explore.

Children just love ‘putting on shows’ and in doing so they begin to work collaboratively, confidence improves and pupils learn how to project their voices. Audience members practise listening skills and pupils could even design sets and costumes as part of project work.

4 children dancing and playing on an outdoor performance stage

Teaching staff at Staplegrove Primary are very keen to use their new outdoor classroom to deliver lessons across the curriculum and help children connect with the natural environment.

Physical fitness is a top priority at playtimes and pupils are confident, active, happy little learners.

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3 children balancing on trim trail equipment