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Park Primary School’s Outdoor Gym Equipment

Enhancing The Sporting Provision With An Outdoor Gym Equipment 


With the desire to encourage their KS1 and KS2 children to become more passionate and confident in their physical development, Park Primary School, located in the Wallasey area of Merseyside, contacted us to help improve their sporting provision.

Our playground consultant, Ian Wood, who is enthusiastic about sports and fitness, met with the school to explore how we could help.

Since the school already had an existing MUGA and running track in place, Ian discussed the school’s needs and budget to explore how they could further inspire the children to participate in active activities during playtime and lunchtime.

Ian designed a heathy outdoor gym area to enhance their sporting provision while also creating a space for active and imaginative play with a vibrant selection of playground markings.

School Playground Equipment

The Outdoor Gym Equipment


The new sporting space was arranged in a semi-circle on one end of the existing MUGA to provide the children with a dedicated outdoor gym. The fabulous space is made up of eleven fantastic outdoor gym pieces consisting of:

  • 3 Arm and Pedal Bikes
  • 3 Elliptical Cross Trainers
  • 2 Double Cross Country Skiers
  • 3 Row and Rides

By providing the children with a huge selection of Outdoor Gym Equipment, they can improve their key physical skills, including upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular fitness and core body strength.

Outdoor Gym Equipment for Schools

Offering the children the opportunity to participate in physical activity in a more attractive, easily accessible environment helps the children to learn to lead a healthy lifestyle as their mental well-being is boosted, too.

In addition, a wonderful social space has been created as children participate in friendly competition, bond and form friendships whilst exercising.

Primary School Outdoor Gym Equipment

Playground Markings


On the opposite side, we transformed the plain tarmac space into a vibrant area for active, imaginative play games with a fantastic selection of Thermoplastic Playground Markings. The colourful space presents children with a fun opportunity to further target and improve their physical development on the playground.

Thernoplastic Playground Markings for Schools

The new playground markings provide the children with a set of challenges to complete as they hop, skip and sprint through the course, competing with one another to see who can complete the active trail first.

As they move their way through each challenge, the children love transforming the area into a scene from the book as they imagine they’re running from the big bad wolf: hop over the log, skip through the stepping stones and spring out of the woods.

School Playground Markings

In addition, we also took the opportunity to enhance the school’s existing running track. With a brand new Giant Whiteboard and Stop Watch, the children can now time themselves running around the track as they aim for a new personal best, recording and comparing their times with one another!

The children love their new playground equipment and playground markings and cannot wait to get outside every day as they participate in healthy playtime activities. Consequently, they will be improving their physical fitness and becoming more passionate about their heath and active activities.

If you’d like to improve your sporting provision and create healthy, active areas on your playground, please Contact Us! One of our expert playground consultants would love to help design and install a fantastic area full of amazing Sports Equipment.

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