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Park Road Primary's Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment For Active and Imaginative Play


Our Playground Consultant, Greg Rossiter, met with Park Road Primary School to discuss how we could develop the main playground, and create an adventurous, child-led outdoor play area.

It was decided that we would create several purpose-built exhilarating zones with each dedicated to; fitness, physical development and outdoor learning.

The lack of structured separation between the regions would encourage group play and allow children to change between zones with ease. 

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We also revamped the Early Years Playground. Targeted regions were created for; storytelling, messy play, creative and imaginative play, journey zone and den building and construction zone.

Here is a snapshot of our spectacular playground renovation. The children were amazed at the transformation and we’re sure you’ll be blown away too.

The KS2 Playground Equipment


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Active Play Zone


We installed our huge Apollo Challenger Climbing Frame onto the KS2 playground at Park Road Primary School.

It’s a mighty climbing frame, offering numerous stimulating challenges targeted at developing; balance, coordination, muscle strength and advancing motor skills. As well as physical development, our Apollo Challenger endorses confidence, team working and healthy competition in children.  

It is an impactful piece of kit, attractive and delivers a fantastic range of benefits.

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Outdoor Classroom


We created an Outdoor Classroom with an eye-catching hexagonal gazebo, complete with perched benches and Deluxe Artificial Grass, to provide additional seating.

This stunning feature provides a functional base for teachers to take learning outdoors. It’s ideal for outdoor assemblies, lessons and plays, or it can serve as a shelter from the sun and rain during playtime.

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Nursery and EYFS Playground Equipment


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Physical Development


For physical development and imaginative play, we installed our magnificent Kenilworth Modular Play Tower. The children absolutely love it and it is easy to see why!

playground tower

Den Building


In an era of computer games and technology, our Dens Making Posts are a fantastic way of inspiring children to use their active imagination.

Sometimes going back to basics is the best way to develop lifelong skills.

These adaptable open-ended posts can be turned into whatever the children choose to, using teamwork and a little creative thinking, these truly are magical!

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Messy Play Zone


We created a fun and adventurous water play zone which includes our Water Wall and Damming Package!  It was designed and installed to boost the growth of sensory skills, teamwork and enhance language and social communication skills amongst peers.

Children will learn about water flow and work in teams to build dams to help stop the flow of water.

water wall for early years

Creative and Imaginative Area


Early years can benefit from this gorgeously crafted, multipurpose, Play House ideal for open-ended activities and imaginative play.

Our Play House is a versatile product that can be used for expressive arts, roleplay, den-making and mark making. 

Designed specifically with an open entrance that’s the full width of the playhouse, leaving children feeling less confined and allowing for more fluidity of movement, which will encourage children to be more inclusive in their play.

Our Playhouse is also equipped with den making holes which can be used to hang role play props. 

play house for schools

Journey Zone


We beautifully executed this zone, complete with;

  • A roadway
  • 10 numbered parking bays
  • 2 zebra crossings

An exciting zone to help children develop their understanding of Road Safety. Similarly, children can practise their numeracy skills and build social and communication skills.

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Mark Making and Story Telling Zone


The Early Years mark making and storytelling zone comprises of;

  • Giant Chalkboards on Posts
  • Giant Whiteboard on Posts
  • Weaving Panel

This fabulous area is an ideal zone for children to listen to their favourite fairy-tales, practise active listening skills, learn phonics, build self-confidence and allow children to express themselves. Sometimes all you need is a blank canvas (or boards) to let the creativity flow!

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You can view our massive range range of early years Outdoor Play Equipment Here.

Whether you're looking for adventure play equipment for your KS2 children or exciting, curriculum focused playground equipment for EYFS; our Playground Consultants would be glad to help. Contact Us today for a free, no-obligation quotation.