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Playtime Opportunities for Parkfield Primary School

Check Out the Challenging, Creative Crinkle Crags Climber at Parkfield Primary School!

Pupils at Parkfield Primary School in Manchester are now the proud owners of Pentagon’s largest climbing frame.

The impressive structure sits proudly on the vast school playing field and encourages full classes to sustain physical activity during break times.

Outdoor Playground Consultant, Tom Hollingworth was delighted to work alongside Headteacher, Mark Kemp to create an active space where pupils could build climbing confidence.

Introducing the Crinkle Crags Log Climbing Frame

The Crinkle Crags Climber certainly has the ‘Wow factor!’ The crisscrossing beams allow children to find interesting ways of travelling across. Enthusiasm and excitement levels are high as pupils discover their own starting points and head for the top!

Built from high-pressure treated, sustainably sourced timber logs and reinforced rope with a series of pathways to take and a climbing wall to conquer this climber is endless fun. Pupils can create their own different trails and combinations of movements each day!

climbing frame for school playgrounds

All students believe that they can ‘have a go’ on the climber as it is an open-ended structure with many entrance and exit points. There is no pressure on pupils to complete the course, they can simply climb as high as they wish and set their own personal targets. Grip ropes provide a useful aid for maintaining balance and help pupils to develop fine motor skills.

A whole range of movements can be practised as pupils climb, jump, reach, balance, stretch and grip. P.E. lessons will be transformed as teaching staff use the climber to engage and challenge children according to their needs.

Working Together to Achieve Success

Since the climber has been installed Parkfield Primary has noticed how children are building respectful friendships, boosting one another’s self-esteem and improving confidence in their own abilities.

When we interviewed pupils, they mentioned that they really enjoyed socialising with their friends on the climber, often challenging each other to games of ‘Tig’ and racing each other to a certain point across the climber.

A class of children playing on the huge climbing frame in their school

Pupils have been communicating effectively as they devise their own actions and sequences of movements on the climber. Learners are enjoying physical activity whilst they develop their creativity and imagination through group games.

The area underneath the climber can be used when pupils want to take a break from active play. It is ideal for den making, reading, socialising and playing mindful games such as cards or dominos.

Our Safermats which are made from durable rubber have been installed in the area surrounding the climber. They create a safe space to play whilst allowing children to take some risks. As grass is able to grow through the safety mats a playspace can maintain a natural feel whilst providing a non-slip surface.

Ac lass of children playing on the climbing frame in their playground

The huge size of the Crinkle Crags Climber allows whole classes to join in together, allowing everyone to maximise physical activity during outdoor time.

It was fantastic to see the children at Parkfield Primary making full use of their new climber and playing brilliantly together, demonstrating their key school values ‘Positive, Ambitious, Resilient, Kind.’

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