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Enjoy the freedom of an Outdoor Classroom with Percy Main!

An Inviting Outdoor Classroom for Percy Main Primary School

We were very excited to be invited back to Percy Main Primary School in Tyne and Wear for the grand opening of their new Outdoor Classroom.

Situated in the schools beautiful, leafy outdoor environment the new classroom is the perfect base for learning within nature.

Outdoor classrooms are an increasingly popular choice for schools wanting to offer a bright, multi-functional, outdoor space for pupils to learn about the world around them.

Expert Playground Consultant, Greg Gavin worked closely with School Business Manager, Beth Brown to create a bespoke classroom that met Percy Main’s vision.

the 5m gazebo outdoor classroom

Visit the Classroom come Rain or Shine!

One of the main design objectives for Percy Main primary was to create an outdoor classroom that could be utilised by different age groups during all seasons.

A waterproof roof and glazed windows ensures that pupils will be cosy and dry during the winter months. A large double door can either be closed to offer a sheltered learning space or pushed wide open to bring the outdoors in. A decked base is ideal for sitting on when playing games or completing floor-based activities, providing a clean, mud-free, flat surface.

children open the doors to the new outdoor classroom for their peers who are sat on the grass in front of the outdoor classroom

A Natural Space

It was important for Percy Main primary that the new classroom had a natural feel and finish in order to complement their green, tree-lined site. Log cladding provides a cosy, natural aesthetic and wooden benches offer comfortable, practical seating for full classes. The choice of green roof tiles blends seamlessly with the tree tops, creating a perfect outdoor learning den. A wooden ramp covering the width of the entrance allows easy access for the entire school community.

a view into the outdoor classroom being used by the pupils

A World of Possibilities Awaits

An outdoor classroom is an ideal choice for schools looking to extend their current provision and provide pupils with a stimulating learning environment. Pupils can observe through direct experience changes in weather and between seasons. Animals and insects can be identified and drawn, helping children to build upon their subject knowledge in science and geography lessons.

a view into the interior of the outdoor classroom showing the children using the space

As a teacher, I know first-hand that we are always searching for that extra bit of space in a busy school environment! A group of learners may benefit from playing a game to reinforce concepts or some children may need a quiet space to practise telling their story using puppets and sounds. Having an outdoor classroom can really help to engage children and allows for different curriculum possibilities.

The addition of a large, shared whiteboard allows teachers to model new spellings when labelling species or would help a class group to compose a piece of writing such as a poem together. There is plenty of space within the 5m wide classroom for pupils to use various pieces of equipment including: hand-held whiteboards, binoculars, story props or game pieces.

children sit on the floor on a mat and on benches inside the new outdoor classroom playing with resources

We hope to have created an inviting, outdoor environment for learning that will benefit the pupils of Percy Main Primary for many years to come. Learners certainly lived up to their school mission statement ‘Be Happy and Shine,’ during our visits.

the children line up outside the outdoor classroom and smile for a picture