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Amazing Primary School Active Play at Underwood West Academy!

Great Excitement for the Grizedale and Glen Tanar! 

We have a very exciting Active Play transformation to share with you all this week!

Looking to revitalise their old active play space and give the area a bit of a TLC, Underwood West Academy in Crewe contacted Pentagon Play looking for some guidance and advice on how to make this space the ultimate area for their pupils! 

Outdoor Learning Consultant, Ian Wood, visited the area and was able to help the school create an engaging and creative Active Play environment for their pupils that suited their budget and needs! 

children cross the stepping log crossing on the glen tanar forest circuit

You’ve got to start somewhere…

The first stage to refreshing any outdoor space is to make sure the surfacing is fresh, clean and vibrant, whether it be real or artificial surfacing. 

In Underwood West Academy’s case, they already had a layer of Artificial Grass down that needed some care and attention. 

children run around on the green artificial grass surfacing

As they were looking for active play equipment, it was important that Pentagon ensured they had the correct safety baseworks before installing anything else. 

Anything with a fall height of above 1.5m requires safety surfacing beneath that will reduce the impact should any pupils take a bump from the play equipment.

children run around on the artificial grass surfacing below the glen tanar trim trail

Once the safety base is installed, surfacing can then be laid. 

Underwood West selected a new layer of Artificial Grass that really gave a fantastically fresh feeling to the play environment. 

The emerald green grass has created an inviting and exciting play space for their pupils. 

a child runs along the green artificial grass surfacing as her classmates play on the trim trail

The Great Grizedale

Any school looking to create the ultimate play space for their pupils cannot help but look at the Grizedale Circuit!

The complete climbing challenge, this forest circuit features multiple net climbers, offering pupils the chance to develop their climbing skills across a multitude of pathways!

children in winter coats cross the grizedale forest circuit

With the grass topped platforms in the centre, this circuit blends into the environment and ties the whole area together creating a stunningly cohesive play space! 

The colourful climbing walls are the perfect addition too, covered in greens, blues, reds and yellows where pupils can develop their upper arm strength and pull themselves along building their coordination skills. 

children cross the climbing wall on the grizedale forest circuit

With the inclusion of the wobbly log traverse, log bridge crossing and swinging log crossing, pupils will be balanced brilliantly by the end of playtime having mastered these zones! 

The Grizedale is full of amazing play opportunities for your pupils! 

children cross the grizedale and sit on the artificial grass topped platforms

A Glorious Glen Tanar Trim Trail

One of our most exciting Forest Trim Trails, our Glen Tanar Forest Trail will challenge your pupils whilst giving them a play space in their comfort zone! 

Pupils can test their balance along the twin incline balance beam before crossing the rickety bridge to the disc poles. 

children cross the stepping log traverse across the glen tanar

This Glen Tanar Trail is ideal for a multitude of age ranges as the lower fall height  will allow pupils to explore their skills whilst feeling safe of minimal risk. 

Pupils will be able to build their upper arm strength using the platform to platform tightrope crossing and zig zag log bridge crossing as they pull themselves along the trail, building their confidence before attempting the Grizedale Circuit. 

Whilst the Grizedale may be more suited to your older KS2 pupils the Glen Tanar is very pupil-friendly and can be used by a variety of ages. 

children run around on the artificial grass on the glen tanar

It was a pleasure to work with Underwood West Academy on this fantastic project and we hope that the pupils of this school have a great time utilising this great space! 

If you have an area that needs refreshing, Contact Us Today for guidance and advice! 

Or, see our other Active Play options now on our website! 

children climb around the grizedale forest circuit testing their strengths on all of the net climbers