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A Play Castle fit for Royalty at Westfields Junior School!

Westfields Junior School’s Play Castle


A playground dream has become a reality for the little kings and queens of Westfields Junior School.

Our playground consultant, Donella Felton, was delighted to work alongside Jo Redman, the school's Headteacher, and the children at this Hampshire-based school to create an extraordinary adventure play space!

Previously, the playground consisted of a huge bark pit for the children to use during their playtimes.

However, this space didn’t ignite their imaginations or encourage healthy, active play games.

The school knew it was time to transform the area and recruited the young council to help make the decision of what to install in this area.

As soon as the children making up the school council and Jo set eyes on our humongous Langley Play Castle, they knew that would be the perfect addition to their playground; and who could blame them?!

the langley play castle being adored by children as they run around the outside

A Playground Castle Fit for Little Kings and Queens


The high-level Langley Play Castle provides a home, a fortress, a classroom and even an interactive storytelling space to the KS2 kings and queens of Westfields!

Lending itself to both active and imaginative play, the young nobles can journey back in time to practise and improve their physical skills, whilst participating in child-led play and collaborative games.

Featuring multiple entry and exit points, little knights can invade and escape whichever way they choose.

children scaling to climbing wall to meet their classmates at the top of the tower

As the children climb up the nets, ramps, walls, and stairs, they are developing their upper and lower body strength, core stability, gross and fine motor skills!

The tube slide and fireman’s pole are particular favourites amongst the children as they race back onto the ground.

Participating in creative pretend play games, the children can grab their swords and shields and battle it out to be pronounced King or Queen of the castle.

children sliding down the firemans pole

There is a vast amount of space on the top of the castle for teachers to venture onto to share medieval stories or carry out interactive history lessons, where children can learn all about old castles and lands.

Underneath the castle, there is plenty of space for the children to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the playground, share stories, build dens, or take their games to another level.

children gathered underneath the castle talking in a circle

All-Season Adventure Play


With the new Langley Play Castle, safety surfacing was a must!

To ensure that the space would blend in with the natural landscape of the school grounds, we installed our popular Artificial Grass Playground Surfacing.

As the new surface is both impact absorbing and free draining, the children are prevented from serious injury should they take a tumble during play and their new star piece of equipment can be used throughout all-seasons since the rainwater penetrated through the surface. No mud. No Puddles. No mess.

the new artifical grass surfacing underneath the langley play castle which is being climbed on by many children

The new active play area is a very special space for the school, children, and parents.

Around the top of the castle, the school have added colourful bunting to make the space that little bit more magical.

Children standing near sign decorated like a rainbow coat of arms reading parkers place

However, the main feature the school have added is a carefully designed shield by the children and a name plaque reading ‘Parker’s Place’.

This area has become a very special space as it has been dedicated to one of the school’s governors, John Parker, who sadly died suddenly last year. 

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children gathered around the castle as some climb the climbing wall and one child climbs down the tube slide