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St Gilbert Primary School’s EYFS Playground Design

Promoting Cross-Curricular Play in a Fun-Filled Environment


There’s smiley faces all around for the children at St Gilbert’s Primary School in Manchester, thanks to a fantastic playground development for the Reception and Nursery pupils!

Our playground consultant, Natalie Richardson, was delighted to work alongside the Manchester based school to completely transform their play environment and improve their outdoor provision.

In The Beginning…


Before the development could begin, we had to remove the previous surfacing that was no longer fit for use.

Once this was out, we levelled the area and laid our expert baseworks to ensure the space would be free-draining, enabling play to take place come rain or shine!

4 children playing with giant building blocks in the playground on earth blend wetpour

Various Surfaces for Different Types of Play


With the area levelled and the base works complete, we installed a wide range of surfaces into the playground to provide little learners with an all-weather play area that contributes towards number and letter recognition and provides plenty of fun playtime games!

In one area, we installed a mixture of artificial grass around the trees to create a comfortable space for the children to relax and play in the shade with loose parts. Multiple Saferturf Splashes integrated in the grass ignites imaginative play games whilst adding a splash of colour.

Within the grass, we also installed a Saferturf Number Snake. The children love hopping along, counting to 10 as they go!

3 children playing on a number snake made out of saferturf playground surfacing

Leading into the next area, we used a colourful Wetpour design to create a clear pathway. The children love using the pathway as a space to build with their giant blocks.

In the next section of the playground, the focal point of the space is the huge Black Wetpour Roadway including zebra crossings and speed bumps to promote road safety outdoors.

Whether it’s a trike, scooter or bike, the children love racing around the road. It’s also a fantastic feature to help children burn off a little bit of excess energy!

An eyfs playground design created for a primary school in manchester by pentagon play

Bright white parking bays at the edge of the artificial grass helps to keep the playground tidy as children independently park their vehicles once they’ve finished the race.

Within the artificial grass in this area, we included bright blue splashes with the school’s values written on the ground. The children are reminded of the values during every playtime and even incorporate them in their imaginative games.

5 children sat on a bright yellow saferturf splash installed into artificial grass on their school playground

Taking Active Play to New Heights


At the rear of the second area, we installed our fantastic introductory Log and Net Climber to motivate children to climb to new heights as they scale the logs or grip and grasp the ropes to reach the top.

The children love sitting at the top of the frame looking out to the playground below before taking a leap of faith from the top!

As the artificial grass is impact absorbing, the children are free to take safe risks and gradually build up their climbing confidence without the risk of serious injury.

6 children playing on a log and net climber installed onto their school playground

Moveable Obstacle Courses for Creative Games


In the other area, the school have placed a set of our Get Set, Go! Blocks – The Mendips Set! These innovative movebale blocks create endless active play opportunities as little legs jump, step and climb from block to block, improving all of their key physical skills.

The adventure course can be moved around each day by the children working together to move each block or the teachers to create more challenging courses for their pupils to conquer.

Of course, the classic playground game is a favourite amongst the children as they try to complete the course without touching the ground below.

4 children playing on pentagon plays get set go blocks

Water Play Activities


In the corner of the playground, we created a dedicated water play space using bright blue wetpour surfacing and installing one of our EYFS favourites – the Water Wall with Water Play Package.

Manipulating the routes, children have to work together to get their jugs of water, rubber ducks or plastic balls to reach the bottom of the wall, through the channel stands and into the water table.

It’s a great, fun-filled activity for the children to participate in as they improve their problem-solving skills, cooperation, coordination and turn-taking skills through play!

A child using a water wall as a ball run and dropping balls down the polycarbonate panels

When Natalie revisited the school to see the playground in action, children and teachers alike were delighted with their new outdoor space and expressed how happy they were to have a first-class outdoor learning environment for their children.

Our Playground Surfacing Solutions have the ability to revitalise any outdoor play and learning space! Contact Us Here to begin your journey with Pentagon Play.

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6 children experimenting and playing with pentagon plays Water Wall with Water Play Package on their playground