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St Marks and All Saints Super School Playground Development

A Space for Active Learners to Discover and Explore at St Mark and All Saints Church of England Primary

It was a pleasure to work with St Mark and All Saints Primary, located in Surrey, to create an outdoor learning environment that the school had always dreamed of. St Mark and All Saints created their beautiful nursery by developing a derelict building that had an overgrown outdoor garden.

The outstanding outdoor space now gives pupils plenty of opportunities for physical play whilst promoting the development of communication skills.

Our knowledgeable playground consultant Donella Felton really enjoyed working on this project and watching as plans came to life. 

Stage 1 – Super Surfacing!

The first task for our incredible team of installers was to transform the surfacing of the space by laying Playturf Artificial Grass. Our artificial grass is free-draining, hard -wearing and extremely comfortable to sit on. Playturf instantly transforms the look and feel of a space and a weed suppressant membrane ensures low maintenance.

A class of children playing on the roadway in the new playground development

Weaving through the middle of the space we used beige wetpour surfacing to create a roadway for the use of bikes and vehicles. Grey numbered parking bays, speed bumps and a zebra crossing give a realistic feel when teaching elements of road safety.

Physical Challenges

In the centre of the roadway, we created our physically challenging zone. A Pinnacle Hill Climber with Platform is the perfect introduction to climbing for nursery age children

Nursery teacher, Jessica Miller commented, “Pupils can spend long periods of time engaged on the climber. One piece of equipment can encompass many areas of physical development. Children have enjoyed balancing, hanging, developing core strength and establishing turn-taking.”

5 young boys climbing and swinging on the climbing frame in their playground

St Mark and All Saints opted for the Cheviot set, which is the biggest in our range, of Get Set, Go! Blocks. Teaching staff commented that they love the blocks as they are multi-functional and freestanding meaning they can be configured according to children’s interests and requests.

Moving and Making!

At the back of the space, underneath the trees, pupils are ready to invite you to the restaurant! In fact, they were busy making acorn soup in their new Mud Kitchen on our return visit.

Our large mud kitchens have plenty of space for groups of children to stir, pour and mix whilst developing key mathematical concepts. Pupils were involved in heavy work activities as they transported their essential ingredients from the Mud Box to the kitchen.

A young boy jumping from one of the blocks in his playground

Messy Play Tables on Wheels are perfect for investigative water play and the development of fine motor skills. Pupils have had great fun using water flow to send their characters down the ramp. A Large Covered Sand Box is the perfect partner to water play. Pupils can enjoy the sensory elements sand brings whilst igniting their imaginations.

A Medium Self-Selecting store provides a great storage solution for outdoor resources, allowing children to choose items as and when needed.

Calm, Breakout Spaces

A beautiful Hill Den provides a cosy spot for relaxation. Pupils can enjoy reading a book or playing a game with friends in this exciting space. The Giant Playhouse gives children another secluded area in outdoor provision, ideal for imaginative role-play and storytelling.

Outdoor playground development for an early years setting

The new development and resources at St Mark and All Saints cater for all areas of the EYFS curriculum. Open-ended equipment allows children to develop their imagination and independence in a safe, stimulating environment.

Continuing Opportunities for Physical Development into Key Stage 1

Physical challenges seem to get bigger and better as children progress in confidence and skills.

Key Stage 1 now has access to their own Tryfan Climber with Platform and Slide. Pupils have been choosing between many different routes and perfecting their climbing ability and gross motor skills. The climber is proving to be a great social hub for many playground games. The slide and hideout area seem to spark children’s interest and creative ideas for games naturally flow!

A class of children playing on the climbing frame in their playground and a young girl is hoola hooping in front

The area underneath the climber has been made safe with the installation of play turf with an extra shock pad layer. One of the many benefits of play turf is that it can be installed directly onto the tarmac surfacing and instantly provides a soft, welcoming, warm space for pupils.

Playtimes will never be the same for the lucky pupils at St Mark and All Saints. Pupils are forming new friendships, developing resilience, building confidence and beaming with pride at their amazing outdoor environment.

A class of children playing on the ropes of the climbing frame in their new playground development