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A New Physical Play Space at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School

The Customer  

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Merseyside strives to work with their community to provide a high-quality education for their pupils, raising them to be unique-hard-working and independent individuals.  

St Peter’s focuses on building a future with their pupils and paving a path for their adulthood, and so offering them a well-rounded, solid education is key.  

To do so, an engaging and interactive play space is vital.  

an image showing off the key figures of the project including cost, pupils benefitted and how long it took to install

Their Objectives 

Claire Smith, School Business Manager at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School initially contacted Pentagon Play in February 2022 to begin discussing the project.  

At this point, it was in the very early stages and the school was very open to ideas from Outdoor Learning Expert, Ian Wood.  

The school had a few must-haves: 

  • Must be something for the Infant Playground to replace the tarmac area. 
  • Must be active play in some form. 
  • Want it to be a bright, inviting and aesthetically pleasing space. 

Ian got right to work designing their perfect space.  

a birdseye view of the climbing frame

Our Approach 

To combat the need for some active play, Ian advised on the installation of our brand-new wooden climbing frame, the Kielder Forest Circuit.  

This circuit has 12 different active challenges built into one larger climber with plenty of space for several pupils to explore and investigate at once.  

The multiple entry and exit points reduce the need for queueing and enable pupils to pick and choose the challenges they attempt, ignoring those that they don’t enjoy.  

children run around on the timber climber and play with their friends

With luscious green Playturf Deluxe Artificial Grass beneath the climber, children need not worry about taking a tumble as the grass will soften the fall with ease.  

This climber is suitable for various ages as the different challenges suit varying ability levels and capabilities, meaning children can pick and choose how and when they climb.  

Ian also advised on the development of a quiet space for those pupils that don’t always wanting to be climbing.  

an empty storytelling chair sits next to a chalkboard that pupils are drawing on

This quite space includes a Storytelling Chair, 2 Giant Chalkboards on Posts and 2 Perch Benches.  

This zone includes plenty of comfortable seating for pupils to sit back and relax, chatting away to friends and building valuable friendships, as well as a space for drawing and writing for those creative pupils.  

There are so many different learning and play opportunities in this space.  

The Results 

This bright, lively, and engaging space meets the exact needs and wishes of the school.  

Children can now experiment with physical play, testing their abilities and their confidence as they go, pulling themselves along using their upper body strength and hand-eye coordination to do so.  

a little boy stands and draws on the chalkboard whilst a younger girl kneels on the floor drawing on the bottom of the board

Will they be able to balance along the Kielder to complete all the challenges successfully? It’s time for them to find out.  

We hope the pupils of St Peter’s love both the quiet area and the physical play space, and we wish them all the best for the future!  

If you would like to redevelop your outdoor play space just like St Peter's Catholic Primary School, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us to start your journey with Pentagon Play today!