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A Super Sunny Bank Primary School Playground

The Great Grizedale Arrives at Sunny Bank Primary School 

There are plenty of smiling, happy faces at Sunny Bank Primary School in Bury thanks to their huge, new climber.

The Grizedale Forest Circuit takes pride of place on the playground and has completely transformed break times and P.E. lessons.Active Playground development

Our team of installers set to work by removing dated equipment and preparing the ground for a large area of Artificial Grass Playturf.

The entire area surrounding the circuit has been made safe by using shock pad tiles underneath the playing turf to provide impact-absorbing support and cushion children’s landings as they run, jump and leap!

Vivid green play turf lifts the appearance of the playground and instantly appeals to pupils. Playturf gives a natural look and texture whilst providing a durable surfacing option which has been rigorously tested. Weather conditions will never stop play again as play turf is free-draining allowing pupils to make full use of the climber all year round. 

Outdoor Climbing Frame

Playground Consultant, Tom Hollingworth worked alongside Headteacher, James Gabrielides to create a physically challenging, enjoyable section of the playground where pupils can improve their fitness and try something new. Tom believed that the Grizedale Circuit would be a great fit for the school and appeal to all-year groups.

A Circuit for Whole Classes to Enjoy

The Grizedale is a huge climber that looks instantly impressive and intriguing. Pupils simply cannot wait to have their own outdoor forest adventure! Based on forest treetop trails the circuit has multiple routes for groups of children to take.

A variety of crossing and traversing points allow learners of different ages and abilities to use the climber together and access the equipment at their own level.

A birds eye view of the climbing frame at sunny bank primary

High-pressure treated timber logs and reinforced ropes create a series of obstacles for children to navigate. Some favourite pieces include an incline climbing wall traverse, a swinging log crossing, a zigzag log bridge crossing and a net tunnel crossing to name a few!

Pupils develop whole-body movements when climbing, balancing, jumping, gripping and swinging. Gross motor skills, strength and core stability are all greatly enhanced as children ignite their imaginations and have fun!

A Space for Physical Education Lessons

The Grizedale Circuit can be fully utilised by various classes during weekly physical education lessons. Pupils will enjoy developing their own sequences by linking combinations of movements.

Working individually or in pairs pupils may explore ways of travelling around the frame showing greater flexibility and strength. Pupils can present interesting body shapes on the climber such as symmetrical and asymmetrical and a variety of different jumping styles can also be practised. 

huge climbing frame for primary school playgrounds

The addition of the new circuit not only improves children’s physical development it also improves mental well-being. Pupils will gain knowledge and understanding of their own health, fitness and well-being and how exercise affects living a healthy lifestyle.

It was brilliant to see pupils from different year groups at Sunny Bank Primary School working together on the circuit, helping and supporting each other to solve problems and gain confidence.

If you would like to redevelop your outdoor play space just like Sunyn Bank Primary School, then our friendly team members are only a call away. Get in contact with our Pentagon Team HERE!